Thursday, September 8, 2011

yeah the power's out

early august, i registered to take the gre today. a few days ago, i started to take some of the online practice tests to, you know, practice. this morning (it was actually around twelve) we braved the crazy rain that has been coming down for days and made our way out to the testing center. (the rain really has been ridiculous. this is more like what should have come down when irene came around.) i got to the center, checked in, rewrote a confidentiality statement that was really unnecessarily long,  put all my stuff in my locker, got searched, signed in, and then the power went out. everyone who was  either taking the test or waiting to take the test was herded back into the waiting room where we sat in the semi-darkness and gradually got hotter and hotter. the test center employee people were in another room by themselves loudly laughing and talking. after half an hour, they came out to tell us that the power would be out until after five at the earliest and that we should all sign out and reschedule. i got my stuff out of my locker and went home. though a part of me woke up this morning feeling like taking the gre was the absolute last thing i wanted to do today, another part of me knows that i will never wake up feeling ready and excited for it and kinda wishes i could have just gotten it over with. anyway, i forgot to reschedule today because getting home was a bit of an ordeal (flooding and traffic are not fun), but i should probably do that tomorrow. yay.

a friend of mine had recently suggested that i look at before buying anything, so last night i spent a few minutes skimming through coupons. as my eyes flit past discounts on DVDs and restaurants, they fell on a coupon for some pet food, castor and pollux pet food to be exact. and my mind was momentarily blown (or semi-blown) because, as you may or may not know, castor and pollux are the names of two capitol brothers in mockingjay. i always wonder about authors' inspirations for character names. i guess suzanne collins looks at what she's feeding her pets (if she has any). i know other authors have said they look in phone books or movie credits for names, but i have never come across anyone or anything before and thought, "that's who that character is named after!" besides the obvious ones that are supposed to be named after or referencing certain things. i'm not sure how much sense i'm making outside of my head right now.

my brothers are at my apartment for a sleepover and are asleep in the other room. part of me knows that they will be up at five and expect me to be up with them which means i should probably go to sleep early, but the other part of me insists that it is just not tired. have you noticed that i am apparently always parts of a whole and never a sum of all parts?

in the morning we will have the first best buddy club breakfast in a long time, and we are making pancakes. after a disastrous first pancake attempt with this oven, it is sarah vs oven: round two, and i better win.

*The Power's Out - Flogging Molly


  1. good luck with the pancakes! hopefully you'll conquer them this time hah.

    and more good luck with the gre, everyone says how horrible it is. but you're a smartypants so i'm sure you'll be better off than a lot of other people, but good luck nonetheless.

  2. yeah everyone's horror stories are what have me kind of nervous about it.

  3. Pollux and Castor are actually the names of the two stars in the Gemini constellation. Two brothers were named that in the movie Face-Off.

  4. oh wow i remember watching face-off a million years ago and being freaked out, but don't really remember anything else. also, here is another example of how i suck at remembering trivia-like facts like this.