Saturday, April 26, 2014

deadlines and commitments every morning and in the evening, they can suck you in

i've been reading a little bit of harry potter fanfiction recently. a really little bit. they're more snippets and glimpses of the marauders than actual stories, but they have me so nostalgic. along with other things. i've been doing some serious life-changing thinking these days and that has nostalgia splattered all over it. (actually nights, because i've been making up my mind while i sleep because when i am awake i can remember that i am deathly afraid of any change, but especially life-changing changes, and my best tactic is to continue along the same path i am on while doing my best to ignore the fact that anything except what i want to do in this very minute (usually nothing) exists at all. and if you know anything about me, it should be that when i try my best at something i usually succeed. the problem is that i tend to not try my best at the things that i should probably be trying my best at.)

i feel like i maybe need to take a break from my life. sign myself up for a year long retreat or something. nothing but sandy beaches and not watching what i eat or feeling like i should exercise. reading books and binge-watching tv shows and not having to think about school at all because it will not exist. (so basically continue doing what i am already doing (or want to be doing) but without all of the guilt and self-shame that accompanies it at the moment.)

since the likelihood of that happening is pretty slim (and by that i obviously mean it's never going to happen), let me instead talk about the weirdness of saved urls. the other day i started to type in a url to get myself a belated birthday present (i usually wait until i have all my gifts before i buy myself something. it's a moot point this year because the money i was going to use for it went to something else yesterday and i am trying to be very budget-conscious and save my way into a house. oh well.) and a url popped up that i could not even remember visiting. huh, i though, i wonder what other weird urls i have stored on here. and so i went through the alphabet and saw the top saved url for each letter. of course i will share my findings with you.

q: N/A
v: N/A

at the end of this experiment, i found that most of my visited sites are only weird in how absolutely normal they are. (although i am a little surprised that google beat out goodreads as number one g.) too many are tumblrs. there are a few that i went to literally once but i guess i don't use that letter ever and so it stuck. there are also a few that i never went to at all but my brother did, and either i don't use that letter or he's on his sites more than i'm on mine. this was thrilling, i know.

also, this post is longer than i thought it would be and i think the title only fits if you're in my head.

*Deadlines and Commitments - The Killers


  1. i just want to say. thank you for this padfootdidit tumblr. excellent.

  2. actually, though, i've spent 5 hours on the site. i love that this person loves the marauders this much. and i keep posting/texting things from it to my sister and she's ignoring me now bc they're too many good ones.

    1. right? she's amazing. i'm currently loving the marauders in a way that i haven't for years. i wish the new wizarding movie was marauder era. i'm glad that you got something out of this post because i felt really stupid posting it :).