Saturday, February 27, 2010

please ask me what you want

because i cant remember the last time i posted these, here are last week's (?) formspring answers. ask/comment/suggest into that little box on the left and i'll answer.

How would you describe your music collection?


What's your favorite drink?
lemonade. in all forms and flavors.

Out of everyone, why Elizabeth Bennet?
at first i thought of a harry potter character, but i'd wanna end up with sirius and since he is a terminal bachelor, that didnt work out. i thought about katniss, but the whole hunger games thing wasnt too appealing. i thought maybe scarlet for rhett but he leaves her, so no. next to come to mind was the princess in enchantment, and i forgot why i changed my mind about her. then i decided i wanted to live in the victorian era and the first two characters that popped into my head were jane eyre and elizabeth bennet. i chose elizabeth. it really had a lot to do with the first books that popped into my head that day. plus, she has mr. darcy. who wouldnt want that?

Wat is your favorite blog?
i dont really have one favorite blog. the ones i follow can pretty much count as my favorites, though. i check sound of silver, spectacularities, and procrastination at its best daily. besides those, i guess my favorites from the ones i follow (in abc order) are: [carrotspeak.], Nat The Fat Rat, Shocked and Appalled, and The Rest is Still Unwritten.

If you could become any fictional character, who would you be?
just one? :/
i guess elizabeth bennet from pride and prejudice.

Name three dreams, two fears, and one hope. by albutol
dreams: become a published author, travel the world, go into space
fears: failure, death
hope: i don't fail out of grad school.

If you had to choose between your hearing and your sight, which would it be? by albutol
that's a hard one. i guess hearing, though. i've already seen a lot so i can imagine stuff if i suddenly lost my sight. i could picture descriptions that people gave me and it'd almost be like i was seeing. hearing, though, is different. i couldnt imagine the sound of music (just reading lyrics loses half the experience) or the cadences of a person's voice or really anything.

What is your favorite shape? by albutol
i like circles, but i dunno if i'd call them my FAVORITE. diamonds and pentagons, too.

Is white or black the absence of color? by albutol
black is the absence of all light.
white is the presence of the entire color spectrum.
so... neither?? or maybe black...

If you could live in a song, which would it be? I know decisions are difficult for you so a list will be accepted :) by albutol
i'm going with assumption that you meant the story the song told, and not the voice/melody/whatever. i also refused to choose more than one song from a band, so know that some are picked almost randomly from an album. anyway, here's my very much revised list (i honestly dont know why some of them appeal to me so much):
chocolate - amy kuney
at the bottom of everything - bright eyes
hands down - dashboard confessional
black sandy beaches - the dear hunter
99 red balloons - goldfinger
slide - goo goo dolls
we intertwined - the hush sound
dark blue - jack's mannequin
chase this light - jimmy eat world
romeo and juliet - the killers
tire swing - kimya dawson
fast car - kristian leontiou
the sun - maroon 5
time to pretend - mgmt
teleport a and b - the spill canvas

*Ask Me What You Want - Millie Jackson

i guess we made it, or at least made it this far

we are turning onto our road, coming back home from lunch, when my mom says, "i see a package. i hope it's for me."

"well, i'm not expecting anything," i say.

"me either," says anisah.

"oh my god, it's my diploma!" i suddenly squeal, excited. "rachael got hers yesterday."

we pull into the driveway and my dad says, "yup, it says mason."

in a burst of completely unexpected excitement, i peal out of the car and run up the steps to the front door. inside, i open the envelope and pull out the diploma.

when i finished in the fall, i didnt get a chance to get excited. the day after my last exam i got my C+ and locked everything that had to do with undergrad in a drawer in my head so i didnt have to think about it - including any excitement about graduating. today, with the piece of paper that made it all official, the drawer was forced open. all the excitement i had been robbed of was suddenly right there, ready to be experienced, unmarred by the C that i am completely over.

eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee. isnt it beautiful??

haha they put a smiley face on the envelope.

*At Least We made it This Far - Relient K

Thursday, February 25, 2010

you're a creep

latest in the series of creepy guys i run into on campus, is this dude (and his friend) in my security auditing class. i've talked to him a couple of times before, but just the basics like 'what do you think of the class so far?' 'have you looked at the homework yet?' and that kind of stuff. yesterday, my first class got out early so i was a little early to the second one. i was sitting on a bench outside of the room waiting for it to empty. creepy dude and his friend come over.

creepy dude: hey.
me: *looks up from phone* hi. *small smile. looks back down.*
creepy dude then asks basic how are you questions and turns to his friend to talk about how i did my undergrad at mason and i was in forensics and stuff as if i was not sitting a foot away from them. i pretended not to hear him.
creepy dude: so, did you look at the homework yet?
me: um... it's not due for another two weeks, right? i don't usually start things this early. i'll probably look at it the weekend before it's-
creepy dude (cutting me off): your face glows. *creepy smile*
me: uh-
creepy dude's friend (cutting me off): like a pregnant lady's!
me: oh. um... okay... thanks?

we get into class and are told to exchange contact information. i take creepy dude's email address. he faces the front for a few minutes and then turns around again.
creepy dude: i noticed you asked for my email address.
me: um... yeah... ?
creepy dude: why didnt you just ask-
me thinking that there's no way in hell i'm giving him my number because he seems like someone who would be a constant caller.
creepy dude: my facebook?
me: i dont usually exchange facebooks with people for contact information.
creepy dude: oh, so you have a facebook?
me: uh yeah.
creepy dude: i'm gonna add you. what do you call yourself on it?
me: my name.
creepy dude: sexy sarah *said in a way that made me wanna go shower and with a sleazy smile.*
me: no.

driving home, i laughed about it with my sister. and then we put my ipod on shuffle, turned the radio up really loud, and sang like idiots at the top of our lungs as we drove through the dark and nearly empty streets home. fun.

*You're a Creep - Aneta Langerova

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

to each his own

i just do not understand the passion people have for particular brands. the need they feel to grab their sword and avenge it every time someone says anything about it is completely foreign to me.

the other day (monday) i was in class. the professor hates microsoft and is always making little snarky comments about its incompetence in everything. the microsoft die-hards in the class cant say much in response to these comments because, well, this professor does not seem like someone you would want to mess with. monday, someone else in the class decides to play suck-up and makes his own little snarky anti-microsoft comment. it was something stupid, like "yeah, but that would require microsoft to make something that actually works."

all hell breaks loose.

microsoft dude (henceforth called MD) says in that overly polite you are a moron tone of voice something or other defending microsoft's honor. apple dude (AD) replies with something in the same tone. i give up hoping that we'll get out before nine. with each comment, tones are getting less and less polite and voices are growing louder. MD is throwing out statistical facts about market share, industry preferences, and other stuff left and right. AD is sticking to the fact that apple is just better. professor looks like he's immensely enjoying the whole thing. other people join in, because, i mean, these are our computer brands they are slandering! how dare they?! finally, the professor breaks up the "argument" before it starts to get physical (because, let me tell you, a physical fight between IT geeks is not something you would want to see. not very attractive. at all). professor says "okay, we still have a class to finish. you guys can continue this at ten." then he adds something along the lines of "microsoft sucks." MD sits there fuming for half a second, then grabs his bag and leaves.

i dont get it. do you have stocks in either company? is your dad the ceo? did your uncle found it? are they paying you to defend them? because, as i see it, it really doesnt matter much what anyone wants to say about either brand. to each his own. no one's forcing you to buy one or the other. they are stating their opinion, albeit a bit rudely at times. it. doesnt. matter.

what makes people so ready to jump up and fight for the people making their computer? would you?

*The High Road - Broken Bells

Saturday, February 20, 2010

honey, you're just too clingy

so we went to the museum of natural history this morning to finally watch "journey to mecca" - that imax movie. we've been making and postponing plans to see this for forever. it was really good and i recommend you all watch it. but thats not the point of this post. after the movie, we walked through the ocean exhibit since my younger sister and brother-in-law have a weird obsession with oceanic life. i mean, i think it's awesome, too, but not as much as them. but that's not the point either. while looking around, i came upon this:

which is this:
so apparently, clinginess is not just a human male characteristic. all guys, even fish ones, have a problem with being clingy parasites. i felt sorry for the poor fish (doesnt she look miserable? look at her grimace.) and completely understood why she acted the way she did, giving her the name of seadevil. i mean, come on.

*Clingwrap - Sam Sparro

Friday, February 19, 2010

i will try to fix you

last night the internet died. well, not the entire internet, just the part that resolved ip addresses which basically meant that the entire thing was not working. at least all the parts that matter. so anyways, we wait until this morning to call tech support because none of us really felt like doing it last night. so this morning, i get the honor of calling. yay me. after going through a ten minute conversation with a machine, i finally get a person on the phone. two minutes into the conversation with him, i wanted the machine back. here are some snippets of our conversation. (stuff in parentheses are my thoughts):

him: so what seems to be the problem?
me: well, the internet is connected, but the dns server can't be reached or something. it's not resolving ip addresses so we can't really connect to anything.
him: oh. okay... *two minute pause* is your computer turned on?
me: yes. (oh you need the computer to be turned on in order to use it? i had absolutely no idea. you are a genius.)

him: did you try restarting the modem and the computer?
me: yeah i restarted both and the router both last night and this morning. it's not a problem with those because we're getting a connection. it's just not-
him: are you using xp or vista?
me: xp.
him: and you said it was on?
me: yes. (stop asking me stupid questions and fix this already.)
him: *types furiously into google* okay, go to your network connections.
me: umm... okay...
him: click properties and then repair.
me: (like i didnt spend a million years trying to repair the connection this way myself last night.)
him: does it work now?
me: no.

a while later, while he was busy searching google for other possible solutions, i checked the wiring and noticed the filter on the phone jack was a little loose. i fixed it. (yes i realize this was a stupid mistake that couldve been solved last night, but whatever.)
me: oh, um, it's working now.
him: *sigh of relief* good. glad i could help.
me: oh... uh... yeah... thanks. (moron.)

this foamy the squirrel clip describes exactly how i felt. the dude i talked to even asked about the weather.

*Fix You - Coldplay

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

the prize that was promised by all those fairy tales that drugged us

the problem is, you will always be a disappointment. you will never be able to live up to the image i've created of you in my head... not if you lived for another hundred years and tried for every single minute of them. i'm not saying that the image in my head - what you should be - is perfect. far from it. you have your flaws, small and great, just like anyone else. but they're beautifully worded, tragically hopeless flaws. the kind that you want a character to have because reading them is so much better than reading about constant perfection.

you dont grunt grammatically incorrect nonsense, you say things that should be engraved on pillars of buildings and tombstones in beautifully scripted letters. you are never slovenly, you are charmingly disheveled. you're not a coward, you just know when a battle is worth fighting and when the more courageous thing is to just let something go.

i'm in love with a fictional character that i've created. the fact that it was based off of you really has little to do with anything. because you can never be him, and i can never settle for you.

*Waste of Paint - Bright Eyes

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

i feel like such an insomniac

you know those nights when you get your second wind and the tiredness that has been your shadow all day suddenly decides that you're a hopeless case and runs away, leaving you completely awake at one in the morning? and i mean, this is fine when you get home at almost twelve and stay up to sit with your cousin for a bit. it is also fine when it is almost two and your very verbose sister realizes she has a speech due tomorrow and you help her edit it down to forty five seconds max. but it is not fine when you look at the clock and realize that you are waking up at seven thirty and really should be heading off to bed. it is not fine when, instead of drowsy dreams, your mind fills up with thoughts like "i'm going to wake up in four and a half hours... four... three and a half..." it is not fine when your hand suddenly has an obsession with checking your phone for the time (because your clock is halfway across the room to prevent you from over-snoozing and you are blind as a bat without your glasses and the clock's numbers turn into a glowing red blur) which only fuels your mind's obsession for calculating how many hours you'd get to sleep if you could only nod off already.

when you actually fall asleep eventually and wake up however many hours later feeling more rested than you have since you gave up your comfortable mattress in the name of hospitability in exchange for an evil pile of springs intent on killing you... that is awesome.

when you are just getting comfortable with your computer and the lady across the street starts to pull out of her driveway and you realize you didnt miss her which you are ecstatic for because watching her struggle to pull out is a hilarious highlight of your day... that is awesome. (i'm not joking when i say this. i should tape her one time for you people. there is something wrong with her that makes her unable to just pull straight back out of her driveway without majorly complicating matters.)

my sister, cousin, and i are starting a diet. i am not a diet person... in any sense of the word. my sister is a drill sergeant when it comes to things like this (usually not with me but since we're doing this for my cousin i'm thinking i wont like her very much for the next few weeks). we're not technically starting until thursday, but i miss my food already.

*Fireflies - Owl City

Monday, February 15, 2010

i'll tell you what you wanna know

here are last week's formspring answers (except for one that i still need to answer). if you wanna say something yourself, see who asked what, or check when each thing was answered (if you're weird or something), then click on that link up there.

Who would win in a fight: pirates or ninjas?

probably ninjas, but i'd be on the pirates' side.

If you could live in a memory, which would it be?
that is an impossible question to answer. can't i have like a memory time machine and just go memory hopping?

If you could choose, how would you die?

If you had to throw away either your TV or your computer, which would you choose?
tv. you can watch everything online now anyway.

Who was your first crush?
real person crush? Blake or Blair or something from my second/third grade combo class. i was in second, he was in third. all i really remember about him now is that he had brown hair and liked amanda white (another third grader). needless to say, i was not amanda's biggest fan.

my first celebrity/fictional character crush was aladdin.

If you could hang out in someone's head, who would it be?
hmm... i cant choose one person because my brain lacks decision making capabilities, but maybe one of my favorite authors? they'd have interesting heads. or someone who was absolutely sure - of what they were doing, who they were, or whatever. just to, you know, see what it feels like.

What's your favorite quote from a person you know?
i just know there are so many that i cant even think of one. people i know say pretty profound things.

Can you make up a three line short story, right now?
As the dust settled, dulling the brilliant scarlet spreading like a halo around his head, he finally accepted what he had known all along. Every doubt, every moment of insecurity that he ignored had been trying to tell him this very thing. Love, trust, and happiness that are the basis of every fairy tale translate into nothing more than cruel means of torture, loneliness, and painful deaths in reality.

guess i'm not in the most optimistic mood today.

What is your favorite childhood bedtime story?
i dunno i remember my mom would whisper short stories into our ears at night that would tickle. if those dont count then good night moon.

what do you remember the most from highschool?
the red and purple binders/the story, ceramics class, playing dots in the back of math class, APs, threats to kick everyone out of nhs for plagiarism, the principal saying she wished we were never born at our tea party to our parents... i remember almost everything. i loved high school.

where would you wish to travel right now?
i want to backpack across europe.

cookie dough or cookies?
both. cookie dough if i had to choose.

as a kid, shoelaces or velcro?

what kind of shampoo do you use?
my sister and i cannot commit to a shampoo. at the moment, we're using garnier fructis.

would you rather eat eye crust or toe jam?
gross. is neither not an option??
if i had to choose i guess... um... eye crust

*Daddy's Eyes - The Killers

Saturday, February 13, 2010

and i just can't get you off my mind

i have so many fragmented thoughts jotted down in notepad files and captured in post drafts just waiting for me to sit down and untangle them. to make sense of them and write them each into their own post. but not today.

today, i will let you all in on an annoying habit my mind cant seem to break when it comes to music. it doesnt happen all the time, or even often, but when it does it kills me. i'll be obsessed with a song, listen to it on repeat for hours, days, and weeks. my brain will play this song over in my mind every chance it gets and i will find my lips singing it if i dont make an effort to stop them. then, another part of my brain will decide that it wants to listen to this other song that it used to listen to all the time, but doesnt now because apparently only one song is worth listening to. for simplicity's sake, let's call the new obsession song1 and the old one song2. so while listening to song1, half of my brain will be too busy thinking about song2 to let me fully enjoy it. i'll switch to song2, but i cant appreciate that because my brain is still too busy thinking that song1 is the only song in the world anyone should bother listening to. so until one half of my brain decides to stop being stubborn and let the other half's song be played, i cant truly listen to either.

my brain is doing this now, and i want it to stop, especially since i dont get much chance to listen to my music right now. whenever i put on an amazing song from my collection, i am told to change it to arabic music by my cousin and sister.

*Can't Get You Off My Mind - Lenny Kravitz

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

dear studio audience, i've an announcement to make

my cousin is visiting from saudi arabia... she arrived sunday. this is her first time out of the country in a very, very long time. this means that a lot (read:all) of the time i used to spend online is now spent talking/watching my movies/otherwise amusing said cousin while we are all stuck in the house under piles of snow. because of this, i am behind on everything internet related. blogs are going unread and unposted. facebook requests and messages are going unanswered. my formspring is filling up with questions unnoticed. she's staying for three months, and i doubt ill get much more internet time than i do now. plus, i have school to think about and crazy projects i cant even let into my brain right now because i have no idea where to start with them. anyway, point is that in the brief moments when i sneak internet time, i probably won't have much time to write blogs. we'll see what happens when everything settles down here more and schools start back up again, but for now, my blog posts will most likely be short, pointless, and scarce. comments on your blogs will probably be late if they come at all as will responses to your comments on mine, and formspring answers will be given whenever i get around to it.

there was more i wanted to write, but i cant remember it for the life of me so it will have to go unsaid. maybe by the time i get back to writing blogs for real i'll have a bunch of stored up inspiration and creativity to let out. here's to hoping.

*The Only Difference Between Martyrdom and Suicide is Press Coverage - Panic! at the Disco

Sunday, February 7, 2010

i've got nothing to hide

so here are the answers to this week's formspring questions/comments/suggestions/whatever. ask/tell me anything by writing it into that box over there <-- or going to this link.

How would you describe yourself in 3 words?
sarcastic, idealistic, cynical

Would you rather swim in a pool or the ocean?

Would you rather date a lot of different people, or be in a committed relationship?umm committed relationship, but that can change with my mood.

What one thing are you exceptionally good at?
eh i dunno...

What's your favorite genre of music?

How many languages do you speak?
one and three quarters

Where you a victim of the whole Blues Clues gender debacle or did YOU KNOW?
i had no idea what he really was, but to my child's mind blue was most definitely a boy. boy was my mind's default gender.

Do you like Oreos?
doesnt everyone??

Where do you stand on Wookies?
i havent watched star wars (sad, i know) but im thinking they'd shed a lot, and i'm not a big fan of loose hair.

you seriously think of yourself as an idealist?
a very cynical idealist.

Up or down?
ahh... i can't decide :S

If you were a lion, what would your name be?
humphrey... and i have NO idea why. it just popped into my head when i read the question.

Do you think uncle jesse from full house is hot?

if you had the option to change your family, would you?
tempting lol... but nope.

regarding toilet paper, over or under?

are you jealous of hamza because he's a million times better looking that you? signed anonymous :P
yes that kills me every day. *rolls eyes*

If your house was on fire and you could only grab three things, what would they be?
my bookcase (it counts), my computers, and my ipod

If you were to steal an article of clothing from any person in the world, what would it be?
belle's golden dress from beauty and the beast... does that even count?

Have you ever high fived a stranger?
i'm not sure... maybe? probably?

What do you enjoy reading?
anything and everything.generally fiction more than non though.

Long nails or short nails?
short but i tend to get lazy and let them grow.

What was your biggest fear as a child?
the dark

What's your favorite thing about yourself?
my sarcasm... it amuses me.

*Ask Me Anything - The Strokes

Friday, February 5, 2010

it was just my imagination running away with me

this is what happens when there's nothing good on tv and i'm bored of the internet:

there is this huge truck (like a big moving truck or something) struggling in the snow outside our house. it has been trying to get out for at least an hour an a half, and that's only counting from when they turned the corner to our street to get to the mainish street to get to the main street. so of course i assume that they're up to no good, because i mean, really, when the news people say this could be the biggest virginian blizzard for a hundred years who thinks "let's get out the moving truck?" so they are obviously robbers of some sort. and then, when i was watching them struggling in the cold from the warmth of my bed right they did that thing from the movies. you know when the person is standing across the street and then a truck/bus/whatever passes and suddenly the person is gone? yeah that's what happened. they had backed up and shoveled ahead enough that they kinda were able to drive without spinning tires for a bit and they passed my house and the guy disappeared! and there were no footprints where he was standing! (anisah claims i just couldnt see them because of the snow and dark and all. i know better.) so basically, there are some other worldly demon robbers outside in the snow trying to get their moving truck to work.

**Update:** two hours after they started and they have just made it to the mainish street. now a final stretch and they'll be on the main and hopefully shoveled street to go back to their world.

**Update 2:** three and a half hours later and they are right at the edge of the main street. i'm telling you, these demon robbers have patience. i wouldve given up and slept in the truck hours ago.

*Just My Imagination - The Temptations

i've got a whole lot of nothing going on

i really have nothing to write about. at all. i have three classes this semester which may lead you to think that i have lots and lots of free time. because, you know, that's the logical conclusion to come to. logic, however, has an allergic reaction to my family and tends to avoid us. my "free" time was spoken for before i had a chance to even introduce myself. in these moments which i should be playing the role of studious student and lazy bum, i play the roles of chauffeur, cleaner, babysitter, computer tech, and tutor. dont get me wrong, i dont mind that much (well, i'm not too keen on cleaning the house) but then, in the late hours of the night when i should be doing, well nothing, i am stuck teaching myself the differences in packet sniffers and how to interpret all of them. fun stuff.

point is, this doesnt leave much time to come up with inspired blog post ideas or to write many uninspired ones.

though my classes are nothing to get excited about, one of my professors makes me smile. he teaches security auditing which could very well be a tortuously boring subject (and is at times). but my professor likes to make harry potter references... and that always grabs my attention. he has made references to hogwarts, how easy things would be if we had wands, sirius black, and hagrid to name a few. i would like him a lot more though if he didnt spend a good one third of his class with his finger very unsubtly in his nose. it's like he's digging for gold in there.

aside from that, my life at the moment is very unblogworthy. sad, i know.

*Nothing Going On - Clawfinger

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

this is the beginning of the end

the season premiere of LOST just finished. i don't really have much to say about it, because i'm still a little confused/shocked and dont wanna ruin it for anyone who actually watches the show and hasnt seen it yet. but i felt i should commemorate this moment by putting it here in this blog where it will stay forever. i was so beyond excited for this season to start, even though i also dont want the show to end. LOST is one of the very few shows i actually watch that is not a rerun (i live off of friends, family guy, bernie mac, george lopez, and the nanny for televised entertainment.) and the last season has officially started. this is the beginning of the end people. *cue dramatic LOST music*

*The Beginning of the End - Nine Inch Nails

Monday, February 1, 2010

if you look over to my sidebar (<-- that one) you'll notice that in a fit of boredom last night i created a formspring. like the thing says, ask me anything and it's completely anonymous (as long as you choose that option). have a question?? a comment?? a suggestion?? want me to write/stop writing about something?? have some time to kill??

please fuel my procrastination.

**Update: i think i'll post the answers to new formspring questions on my blog at the end of every week, but you can read what i say as i answer at that link up there.**

i wanna go home... let me go home

class technically finished at 8:23. the last slide was explained, questions were answered, and i was ready to click off my pen and close my notebook. but then some idiot in the front row (i think it's only fair to point out that we all sit in the front row as a class rule, so he may not be a usual front row sitter) decides to ask about the project. this somehow leads into a ramble about second life (actually kinda interesting, but i wont get into it now) that ends at 9:08. we are then dismissed. that is exactly eight minutes after the shuttle has left. which means i get to sit here and wait until ten twenty, which i normally wouldnt mind except that i really wanna go home today.

i was so not in the mood for class today. i woke up and literally thought "ew. i dont wanna go to class." that was a whole twelve hours before class time. then, after very narrowly missing the shuttle here because of traffic (i pulled into a parking spot at 5:03. the shuttle leaves 5:05. there was some running involved.) i was in even less of a mood. on the shuttle, with the sky slowly darkening, my ipod playing only the good songs, and the dude across the aisle doing a very convincing chainsaw imitation, my brain started to completely shut down.

and this class is probably the hardest one i'm taking this semester (even though it has the smallest number) and the one i should focus in the most. it is, by far, the one my brain refuses to pay attention in. and if you could only see me in my other classes, you'd realize that that's really saying something. i think it might be because i dont like the professor. i tried to, but i just cant like him. i cant.

today, i liked him a little less than usual. while discussing unicode and ascii, he says something along the lines of "you'll know it's in unicode if your start button is in arabic because you wont understand it." (ascii is only english.) then he looks at me and says, "i guess it's a problem though if you understand both languages." umm... last time i checked, despite the fact that i was able to read both languages, i was still able to distinguish the two. so if i saw arabic, it would be just like anyone else seeing arabic except that i would know what it said.

then, whenever he mentioned terrorist groups or organizations, he would look at me. unconsciously i think, but that makes it worse. the fact that his mind turns to the arab in the class at the briefest mention of terrorist is kinda sorta really annoying.

the class could be really interesting so i'm going to force myself to learn from it, even if the fbi dude teaching it grates on my nerves.

*Sloop John B - The Beach Boys