Saturday, May 30, 2015

okay so blogging is hard with a baby. more specifically, blogging my usual rambling posts is practically impossible. here is how all of my attempts at blogging have gone so far:

  1. baby falls asleep
  2. tensely wait for fifteen minutes to see if he's really asleep or just trying to drive me crazy
  3. go wash and boil bottles
  4. search the house for dirty diapers and take them all out to the house
  5. do a load of laundry
  6. shove handfuls of cereal in my mouth while gulping down some water and going to pee
  7. check my email/grade papers/do whatever computer stuff i need to do for job/scholarship/whatever else
  8. decide to write a blog post
  9. start said blogpost
  10. get halfway through
  11. hear the baby start crying and stop writing
after a couple of days i'll go back to finish the post, realize that it is completely irrelevant by that point, start a new post, stop halfway through. rinse and repeat. 

when i sat down to the computer today to try and figure out why exactly my husband was saying that our summer flight reservations had disappeared (it turns out to be because our summer flight reservations had disappeared which means another frustratingly long and pointless thing to get sorted fun.) (side note: do any of you realize how awful it is to get an infant a passport? it's worse than waiting at the dmv. seriously. whoever thought it would be a good idea to have an infant wait five plus hours in a crowded, stuffy room off of the post office was either really stupid or really sadistic.), i realized how much i had missed typing. i never thought i would miss typing until my fingers were clacking away at the letters after too long. 

the past few days cricket has been going through a wonder week which means he is fussier than usual and has forgotten how to sleep. i either have to deal with an overtired baby or sit and rock him in the rocking chair for hours so he'll stay mostly asleep. at first i was like, this is not so bad. i can just sit here and read books on the kindle app on my phone. a couple days of that, though, and i am cramped and restless and all i want to do is wash clothes or make the bed or boil bottles without a crying baby with me. i am going stir crazy and cannot wait for this to be over. of course, then cricket goes and does something like laugh in his sleep and reminds me why it's all worth it, but still. i just want an hour for me. i am exhausted from doing nothing. i didn't even think that was possible. 

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  1. anonymous hippopotamusJune 1, 2015 at 1:17 PM

    Welcome to parenthood! :D