Sunday, October 28, 2012

i've got nothing to say

the past few days i've been depressed and whiny and obnoxious (and busy) and decided to spare you all. i mean, i was getting sick of myself, but i was operating on little sleep and that somehow made the part of me that can put things into perspective shut down. so a limping bug deserved the same reaction as a fifth grader not getting voted in to student government as a natural disaster killing thousands as a fictional couple breaking up. and yesterday morning i was having one of those days when you can kind of sort of understand the people who suddenly snap and just kill everyone around them. or at least you get a feeling of where their head was at at the time.

so instead of doing my homework for the class of the exam that i may or may not have failed on thursday, i decided to make a list of things that do not suck in my life right now. but then i decided that i didn't really want to do that because, well, i dunno why, so here are a few of the things that were going to make the list that will never be made: we had a cow pinata on eid, nanowrimo starts in a little over three days and i'm starting to feel like my plot is the worst thing since stubbed toes so i'm right on track, i water marbled my nails last night, and we have chocolate cake in the fridge. oh, and my professor spent ten minutes talking about oxford commas and, being a strong advocate of the oxford comma myself, i may have just fallen in love with him. i'm nothing if not a sucker for grammar.

also, i went to my first ever nanowrimo event thingie yesterday (the nova kick off party to be exact) despite the fact that my social anxiety had me wanting to not go from the minute i said i would, and i met a couple of cool people which was fun. i also realized that there are many people that are much more creative than i am and that the only option for me now is to learn how to hijack their brains to get the awesome ideas that i could never think up on my own and then become a famous person. at least now i have a plan.

*Ask Me Anything - The Strokes

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