Monday, February 25, 2013

okay so i know that i already wrote a blog post today and that it's been literally years since i've spammed you guys with multiple posts in one day, but i am so incredibly excited right now that i have to document this moment.

long story short, please listen got its first stranger review, and he liked it! you can read the review here.  make sure you don't miss where he called it "brilliant and beautiful" and the part where he said that each poem "holds a great deal of emotional impact." i am seriously floating with excitement. does that make any sense? i don't care. i'm too excited to be coherent.


immediately after putting out the book a bunch of things happened and i wasn't able to promote it as much as i was originally planning. i've started a little bit now, but i've been dragging my feet about it, thinking that maybe i should stop being full of myself and assuming that people that haven't known me for years will care what i have to say. you know, good old doubts and insecurities. this gave me the confidence that i had in the planning stage. i am so excited guys. so excited.

you should totally go buy my book. 


  1. Anonymous hippopotamusFebruary 26, 2013 at 12:03 AM

    Now I get to live vicariously through you! Hehe I'm so so so so excited and happy for you! I read both reviews to hisham and he was proud of you too! :) Although he was like I wonder who pushed her to do it...maybe your dad and mom? And I started laughing at dad...told him this was all you. Go Sarah! Making your dreams come true!!

    1. thanks! only one was a review, though. the other was the same guy sending me a private message. both were awesome. and hisham is dumb for not thinking i have enough initiative to do it on my own. though i guess i've shown zero initiative since he's known me so maybe not unforgivably dumb.