Monday, February 3, 2014

what the hell

i've been at mason a long time. a really, disgustingly long time. i've seen the campus nearly double in size and the number of trees shrink to almost half. i have seen buildings and the school paper change names. i experienced the migration from webct to blackboard and from masonmail to outlook. i have seen professors and presidents and deans come and go. there's a part of me that finds comfort in this fact and a part that wants to die just to put an end to it. i have learned the hard way that the experience of a student at a university changes drastically depending on what level you are at - and not in a good way. encouragement turns to scorn, helpfulness turns to hindrance, and everyone loves to blame you for the fact that they just didn't prepare you for the next step.

after all of that, you'd think that i'd be used to change. but i'm not.

i get on the computer this morning all ready to face the responsibilities i put off yesterday for the super bowl, and they changed their freaking email system again. it took me twenty minutes of fiddling with the settings, and it still looks wrong. the font is huge and the bold isn't bold enough and every reply opens a new window. what the hell, mason. stop messing around with this. gah.

going back to the super bowl. during the playoffs, i decided that i was going to root for the seahawks because none of my teams made it in and they had pretty colors. (duh.) plus, i somehow hadn't seen them play at all this season and thought that they were some kind of underdog cinderella story. so, i should be pretty psyched that they won. but i have never rooted against the team i was rooting for so much before. it all started with their game against the forty-niners where i spent all but the first fifteen minutes of the game hoping the niners would win. and then yesterday was pretty much the same thing. (and also, what the hell were you broncos doing? it's like you were actively trying to suck. goodness gracious.) despite this, i never "turned" on the seahawks formally. i wanted them to lose both times while simultaneously telling anyone who would listen that i hoped they won the whole thing. lesson learned: i am really bad at being a sports fan. also, i like underdogs. BUT after marrying an avid sports fan i can pretty much hold an intelligent conversation in most sports and you'll think that i know what i'm talking about and that i'm a sportsy person... but i'm not. and if you talk to me long enough then you'll realize i start to slip and call the players characters and turn plays into plot twists and that annoys hardcore sports people for some reason. (you'll also learn that i spend most of the game commenting on looks and names. like, did you know that the lions have a character named pettigrew? as in peter pettigrew? i don't care how many times i am told his name is not peter. he is still a rat, and that's why they lost because they put their trust in a traitor. they're just lucky it didn't turn out worse. i mean, the last people who put their trust in a pettigrew ended up killed by lord voldemort.)

and speaking of harry potter, what the hell jk rowling. you cannot write a book and then years and years later come back and say, "actually, no. i changed my mind." it doesn't work that way. have a problem with how you wrote things? write yourself some nice fanfiction and move on with your life. i feel like i have to have a rant about this lady soon. it's been building up for years. (in case you have no idea what i am talking about here, jk rowling recently came out and publicly stated that she regrets putting ron and hermione together, that hermione should have ended up with harry, and the whole ron thing was just wish fulfillment and didn't make any sense. whatever, rowling.)

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  1. it made 100% sense! and ron was a douche who did NOT deserve hermione. and harry was a sweet heart that did deserve the kind and subtle and caring love that hermione gave. ron was too obnoxious, too proud, too useless, too jealous, too unloyal, too coarse for her. and you could SO tell that rowling wanted to 'give' ron something bc she couldn't give harry everything. so she made the ultimate sacrifice and gave ron firkin perfect hermione.
    and don't even get me started on the trollop called ginny. undeserving, overhyped ANNOYING brat. harry was so much better than that.
    end rant.

    1. i liked ron! outside of this whole romance thing, i like him as a character.

      "and you could SO tell that rowling wanted to 'give' ron something bc she couldn't give harry everything." this rubs me the wrong way. why should either of them get hermione? if that was her thought process then i think hermione should end up alone. she deserves herself more than either of them deserve her. harry had his moments of being too proud, too useless, etc too.actually, krum is the only one that really deserves her. he was so attentive and chose her over everyone and sent letters even after they didn't see each other. he could have had anyone, and he chose hermione.

      i need to reread the books before i can talk about ginny. a lot of her character, though, was developed off the page. she doesn't get enough page-time to be fully developed like the rest of them. i think, though, that i hate movie!ginny so much that i kept saying that they got her wrong and then book!ginny got hyped up in my head by that. i have to go back and see how much of that she deserves. i know that she made almost no impression on me through my first reading of the books, but then she grew in my esteem with each reread. i do think that the whole reasoning that "no one else deserved harry because look what ginny has done" is crap, because yes, she did things, but hermione did more. and hermione was even less impressed with his fame. so in that respect he should be with hermione. but i still like them as friends more.

      i feel like i'm talking in circles and not saying what i really want to say. i need to have a long discussion about this.

  2. anonymous hippopotamusFebruary 5, 2014 at 12:22 PM

    Sorry Sarah, but Harry and Hermione should have been a couple. And I don't think Razan meant give him hermione as if she was an object to be given, but more give him the honor of being in a loving relationship with an amazing girl...since he had nothing else going for him.

    Ginny and Harry is just gross..disgusting..wrong. yuck! hate them together. it was an awful awful decision. Let her have a crush on him fine...but not married and with!

    I kinda see how you can like Ron and Hermione as a couple because opposites attract, they complete each other or something like the fact that Hermione makes him a better person?? But it's just reading the books them ending up together came as such a shock because I felt that Hermione had a thing for Harry and Harry had a thing for her...and JK Rowling led me on...and made me believe tey would end up together and i hate her! :'( :'( she broke my heart putting Hermione with Ron and then what? Just because Harry had everything he needed to be punished a little with being stuck with Ginny for all eternity?!

    Oh and I should also mention I don't hate least I don't think I do. I don't hate movie Ron...I only hate him because he ended up with hermione...but I like his character.