Saturday, February 8, 2014

you blame me, but some of this is still your fault

okay, so. remember how, a few weeks ago, mason called me and basically accused me of stealing money that they gave me? in a check? a month before the accusation? yes, well, it didn't end there.

monday afternoon. i'm sitting in the student lounge outside of the engineering school GTA office for my office hours. (i rarely sit in the office. i'm literally only there when there is absolutely nowhere else i can go. being a TA for the computer forensics department kind of sucks because forensics, as one of my professors would say, is like the red-headed step child that no one likes. he was talking about the field in general, but i feel like the metaphor still applies. another professor says our program is the bastard child of the university. that works, too. basically, we don't really fit anywhere and no one really likes us. the engineering department hires me so i'm kind of with them, and the classes i TA for are cross-listed with the tcom department so i'm kind of with them, but really, i'm with neither. story of my life, man. anyway, the engineering TAs feel like i'm taking up a spot that results in them having extra work. they are also like a little tight knit family that i just don't belong to. sitting in their office makes me slightly uncomfortable. also, it always smells funny in there. but i digress.) these two people come up to me and are like, "sarah? sarah kabli?" now, i'm sitting in a general student area and am not really sure how these people know me, but i answer with a hesitant yes because apparently i'm the stupid girl who gets murdered in the first ten minutes of a horror movie. imagine that.

anyway, they take me into an office and the lady turns to me, hands clasped in front of her and a serious look on her face. "i'm from the dean's office," she says, as if that's supposed to mean something to me. as if i should know what's going on now. i nod and stay quiet, not bothering to keep the confusion off of my face. "you're on a scholarship, right?" she asks. "and they pay your full tuition?" i confirm this and she gives me another one of those knowing looks. there was a pause where i assume she was waiting for me to confess to something, which i didn't because i still had no idea what was going on. "i'm in charge of the finances for this department, and i noticed that you got some money last semester that you shouldn't have," she finally says. but the way that she said it made it clear that by "got," she meant "took." ugh, i thought.

"uh, yeah. i got a check from mason at the end of last semester, but they called me before this semester started and i gave the money back," i explain. "we didn't get any money back," she said. "well..." i shrug. "i paid it back the day they called me." after a few more minutes she said that she was going to take it up with the student accounts office because they should have returned the money to them and who knows where they actually put it, and we agreed that if i got a check again this semester i would go talk to her instead of paying mason.

but oh my god am i never going to trust a check from mason again. ever. (this wasn't the first time i got a check back from them but it will be the last time i ever deposit one.) i have never felt like such a criminal for doing absolutely nothing wrong in my life. and mason, you need to get your act together and figure this stuff out. you should probably know where all your money is supposed to go. sheesh.

*Which To Bury, Us Or The Hatchet - Relient K

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