Tuesday, January 14, 2014

it's not about the money, money, money

the polar vertex left behind amazing weather, you guys. it's so beautiful outside. totally not winter weather (i'm still holding out for a good snow) but still super beautiful.

along with the pretty weather, though, comes the reminder that spring semester is just around the corner. the emails about pre-semester meetings have already started rolling in. i have a ta meeting, an orientation (where i have a speech to give), and a tour/meet-and-greet on thursday. this thursday. bye bye vacation. 

speaking of school, at the end of last semester, mason sent me a lovely check for fifteen hundred dollars. since i have a scholarship that pays for my tuition and i had two campus jobs that each paid part of my tuition, i had some money left over in my student account. i wasn't expecting any money (since the two jobs said they wouldn't pay my tuition since i had a scholarship) so it was a really awesome surprise. and then today mason called me and said that they weren't supposed to give me any money and could i please pay them fifteen hundred dollars before they put my account on hold. so i did. it was decidedly less awesome than getting the money. and the lady was acting like i stole it. "i noticed that you already deposited the check," she said in the most accusatory tone she could manage. uh you mean the check written out to me a month ago? that you guys sent? that i thought was for me? yeah, i guess i did. 

*Price Tag - Jessie J

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