Thursday, January 23, 2014

a little late

i mentioned early last year how i changed my reading goal on goodreads from fifty books to thirty-five because i am basically afraid of failing anything, even stupid self-made goals. and then i started the year with a bunch of rereads. since i'm already too late to write any year in review lists for 2013, here is a year in review list for 2013: books read edition.

the books i read last year (sort of in the order that goodreads shows it to me):

  1. the fault in our stars by john green*
  2. eleanor and park by rainbow rowell
  3. eleanor and park by rainbow rowell*
  4. fangirl by rainbow rowell
  5. fangirl by rainbow rowell*
  6. attachments by rainbow rowell (and a half)
  7. stolen by lucy christopher
  8. the host by stephenie meyer*
  9. the beach street knitting society and yarn club by gil mcneil
  10. long day's journey into the night by eugene o'neill
  11. divergent by veronica roth*
  12. insurgent by veronica roth*
  13. allegiant by veronica roth
  14. she's come undone by wally lamb 
  15. persuasion by jane austen*
  16. pride and prejudice by jane austen*
  17. when we were romans by matthew kneale
  18. chose the wrong guy, gave him the wrong finger by beth harbison
  19. city of bones by cassandra clare
  20. city of glass by cassandra clare
  21. city of ashes by cassandra clare
  22. city of fallen angels by cassandra clare
  23. city of lost souls by cassandra clare
  24. wake by lisa mcmann*
  25. fade by lisa mcmann*
  26. gone by lisa mcmann*
  27. night of the tiger by debi emmons
  28. the tiger's cub by debi emmons
  29. wings of fire: the lost heir by tui sutherland
  30. the long fall by walter mosley
  31. discovery of luray caverns by russell h gurnee
  32. trash by andy mulligan
  33. intentional dissonance by iain thomas aka pleasefindthis
  34. off with her heart by amy dale
  35. ranger's apprentice: the ruins of gorlan by john flanagan
  36. miss peregrine's home for peculiar children by ransom riggs
  37. climbing everest: tales of triumph and tragedy on the world's highest mountain by audrey salkeld
  38. weekend in paris by robyn sisman
  39. life on the refrigerator door by alice kuipers
  40. to be or not to be: a choosable path adventure by ryan north
  41. how to be a woman by caitlin moran
  42. perfection by dayna bailey (x)
  43. the story of her holding an orange by milos bogetic (x)
  44. pride and prejudice and zombies by seth grahame-smith (x)
  45. intelligence: from secrets to policy by mark lowenthal
  46. jane austen's england by lesley adkins
  47. teaching my mother how to give birth by warsan shire
  48. twenty-five by rachel l hamm
  49. love is a dog from hell by charles bukowski
  50. bits and pieces of a broken heart by janice angela burt (x)
and then there was a book about fishing that i could not get more than a few chapters in to. 

i find it ironic that i read fifty books in the end. you may choose not to find it so. 

i'm not going to tell you which of these you should read, because i am all for reading anything and everything. so i think you should read all of them. even the ones i did not like. (i will mark the ones that you can push to the very end of your to-read list, though.) i could talk about each of these books for seven hours, so if you want to have a conversation about any of them i will be more than happy to do so. also, after adding so many different symbols after each title that i confused myself, i took them all off except for:

* means it was a reread
(x) means you probably don't need to worry about reading it any time soon
bolded means it made my top five of the year list. (rereads were not included in this list.)(there were some i really liked that i did not bold.)(read everything.)

i am way behind schedule for this year's goal in case you were wondering.

*Torn - Natalie Imbruglia


  1. i want to get into some of the books in this list, but i need to be a responsible adult, and that means no time for recreational reading :'(

    1. being a responsible adult is overrated.

      i decided to be one this year and accidentally turned back to fanfiction instead.