Monday, January 13, 2014

talk like that won't get you nowhere

sometimes when i'm out in public places by myself, i eavesdrop on people. and by sometimes i mean a lot of the time. i'm not even ashamed of it anymore, because people say the most amusingly stupid stuff when they don't know that i'm listening to them.

case in point: whenever i go to walmart, i always stop by the pathetic book section. i rarely buy anything, but i always have to go and see what books they have. (side note: whenever these not book stores that sell books have harry potter on their shelves, i get ridiculously happy. it really makes my day.) anyway, the books and CDs are in the same aisle, and there were two teenagers already there. one was looking through the CDs and the other was clearly just waiting for her to finish. she glanced over at the books and said, "you know, i might actually read more if getting books was more convenient." the friend looking for CDs hmmed noncommittally. "you know what they should have?" the friend continues, excitement building. "a netflix for books!"
the other friend looks up. "oh my god you're a genius!" she exclaims. "if you could have access to a whole collection of books and then you can just choose whichever one you feel like... that would be awesome. we should totally invent that."
i had to bite my tongue to keep myself from butting into their conversation with, "they actually do have that. it's called a library."

and with the ability to check out ebooks from the library from your own house, claims that libraries are too inconvenient are groundless. i don't think i mentioned it on here, but i gave myself a fifty dollar book buying budget for twenty-fourteen. there were just too many books that i bought last year to read that i didn't even really like and are now just taking up precious bookshelf space. so i will be returning to my library days and if i really like something then i'll add it to my book collection. plus, i already have too many books sitting on the floor to be read. i don't really need to add to them.

oh, and because facebook fills my newsfeed with scribd ads, i know that scribd markets itself as a netflix for books. sorry, girls, you're a little late to the party.

*All I Need - Matchbox 20

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