Saturday, January 18, 2014

i'm living in a tree house

my husband watches things on tv that i would never turn to on my own but that i find strangely addicting once i start watching them. one of these shows is on the animal channel about some guy named pete who builds tree houses. and not just any tree houses, but really, really cool ones with electricity and running water and plumbing and lofts and fireplaces and guest rooms and garden roofs. they are amazing. of course, they are also crazy expensive. they'll get a call in the beginning of the episode about "potential clients willing to spend up to a hundred and fifty thousand dollars" and i'm just like, what? how do you people just have that much money sitting around to be spent on a tree house?

i'm pretty sure that all kids grow up wanting a tree house. at least, my sisters and i did. really, really badly. but we either lived in townhouses, or houses without big enough yards, or houses with big yards and no good tree-housey trees, or houses that we left before we could ever build one. basically, we never got the tree house. i'm not sure about my sisters, but i never really stopped wanting one. i'm not sitting around actively longing for one or anything, but the desire is still there in the back of my mind. just waiting for the right moment to surface completely.

and this show feeds that desire endlessly.

i have this thing where i'm always saying "one day when i'm rich and famous i'll..." (i remember writing a post about it but when i went to link it here i realized that i never actually posted it. probably one of those times when i couldn't think of a title and decided to come back later in the day when i thought of one but then forgot about the post completely. i'm not going to copy paste it here because it wouldn't really fit, but it includes things like having a house on the beach with huge windows and high ceilings and window seats, hiring someone to hold my book and turn the pages when i'm knitting, hiring someone to talk on the phone for me whenever i'm feeling particularly phone-phobic, having a private plane... stuff like that.) my new addition to my rich and famous list is a tree house. a pete tree house.

i'm going to have a tree house library. all of my books lining the walls of a space where i can read in the branches of a tree. doesn't that sound fantastic? there will also be a little writing area because if i'm rich and famous i will probably be some totally awesome author and need a place to write my totally awesome books. and what better place than hiding in leaves with the squirrels and birds? of course, my tree house will also have to have somewhere to hoard my junk food and maybe also a bed because i would obviously want to live in it. i mean, really, i don't understand how i've lived my life so far without this. i don't know how anyone lives their lives without a tree house.

when you're rich and famous, what will your tree house look like?

*Treehouse - Nada Surf


  1. i watch crazy shows like that too. and then i accidentally reference all the very random and totally useless knowledge i gleaned.

    1. i love getting all of that random knowledge. and it's not useless. it makes you smarter and more interesting because you are knowledgeable in a wider array of topics.