Wednesday, January 15, 2014

well, if you really needed numbers

i started writing today and it seemed like a lot of really short, disjointed ideas so i decided to do a "my life in numbers" post because i cannot even remember the last time i wrote one. (it is always surprising to me how hard it to is to fill in all of these numbers. every. single. time.)

10- the number of minutes i still need to fill with inspiring speechy words before the orientation tomorrow morning. i may end up just winging it.

9- the time i woke up today for good. (after i turned off my alarms at seven and eight.) i wanted to stay asleep longer to finish my dream, but my sister texted me and we all know that dreams do not always do what we want them to.

8- the number of tabs i have open in this browser window. they are: gmail, blogger, hotmail, facebook, youtube, etsy, some university's english department's page that has a poem i keep meaning to read, and

7- the number of ceramic pieces that i have sitting on my coffee table right now. i keep making more and there is just no more room for them in my tiny apartment. they are: a basket, an oval tray thingie with handles, an oval tray thingie without handles, a rectangular tray thingie with butterflies, a vase with swirls on it, a vase shaped like a tree, and a box that looks like two ice cream sandwiches stacked on top of each other. i promise you they are nicer than they sound.

6- the number of family-size boxes of applejacks i have sitting in my apartment mocking me. i got them because my cousin said he wanted and was having trouble ordering them. he failed to tell me that the trouble he had was customs saying he wasn't allowed to bring them into the country until after i bought them. i was then told not to mail them (because they might be taken) but to send them with someone who was travelling there. i bought them in the middle of july if that tells you anything about how well-thought-through this plan was. i'm never going to try and be nice to family again.

5- the number of lives i just lost in candy crush trying to get past this level. this game is crack, guys. i seriously have a problem. sometimes at night i'll steal my husband's phone to play on his if i've already gone through all of my lives.

4- the number of school-related people that have decided to remind me this week that the vacation is nearly over.

3- the number of weeks i have been saying that i need to go jeans shopping. i'm going today, though, i swear. i need a pair that actually fits for the start of the semester. but i really hate shopping for jeans.

2- the number of hours it's been since i woke up from a really weird dream - that i only remember bits and pieces of, but that i wished i held on to better - and i still have this weird feeling hanging over me that does not seem to want to let up. at all. i really wish i could remember the finer details because it might make a really good story, and oh my god i'm so cliche.

1- the number of fingers i sliced yesterday in a moment of stupidity when i was absentmindedly cleaning dried clay off of a knife's blade. it still stings. (related: pottery started back up yesterday. yay!)

*Numbers - JoJo


  1. anonymous hippopotamusJanuary 18, 2014 at 6:01 AM

    I would totally have went (did I get it right? I can hear mommy in my head correcting me) jean shopping with you. I need jeans that fit too!!!

    1. lol no. have gone...

      and i finally went that day and got two pairs. i wore one yesterday and mommy saw them and said that they looked beat up. she gave me that look like go buy new clothes already. at which point i threw my hands up in the air and said, "these are brand new! they were the only ones i found that fit and i didn't totally hate. god! i hate clothes shopping!."