Saturday, January 25, 2014

giving the academy a rain-check

okay, so. it's common knowledge around here that i like books. and that i think that writing competition shows should be on tv just like cooking competition shows, remodeling competition shows, and who looks prettier competition shows. and since it is award season (is it? i honestly have no idea. is there even an award season or do award shows just kinda happen throughout the entire year? i've never actually watched an award show ever in my entire life. i plan to sometimes, but then i forget. i do enjoy the gif sets that appear after an award show though. anyway, let's just pretend that i know what i'm talking about and that it is awards season, okay?)  i think that books should be awarded right along with movies, tv shows, and music. and yes, i know that books do get awards, but where is their televised glitzy show with a red carpet and readings from the top books of the year and trophies given to the authors? it just doesn't seem fair, if you ask me. so i will be awarding some book-oscars. the nominees are all of the books that i picked up to read last year (you can find the complete list with all of the authors here) because they must have done something right to get picked up, you know?

i'm adapting all of the categories that wikipedia tells me the academy awards use as best as i can. and now, without further ado, i present to you our winners: 

Best character (male) in a leading role (leading role means narrating to me): tobias (allegiant)
Best character (male) in a supporting role: gus (the fault in our stars
Best character (female) in a leading role: cather avery (fangirl)
Best character (female) in a supporting role: reagan (fangirl)
Best children's book: wings of fire: the lost heir
Best short story: life on the refrigerator door (since i finished it in half an hour it counts as a short story)
Best narrating voice: lawrence (when we were romans
Best costume design: the divergent trilogy
Best author: rainbow rowell
Best nonfiction story: discovery of luray caverns 
Best nonfiction short story: climbing everest: tales of triumph and tragedy on the world's highest mountain (this was a library book so i can't tell you which exact story was my actual favorite)
Best editor: it would NOT go to the editor of the tmi series, the divergent series, chose the wrong guy, or the host for sure 
Best story in a foreign location: stolen
Best action story: trash 
Best character descriptions: the host
Best self-published book: off with her heart
Best title: chose the wrong guy, gave him the wrong finger 
Best book: fangirl
Best cover design: the fault in our stars
Best dialog: eleanor and park
Best setting description: stolen
Best world-building: the mortal instruments series (cassandra clare)
Best play: long day's journey into the night
Best poetry collection: teaching my mother how to give birth

this was a lot harder than i thought it would be. i wanted to have ties for almost every category, and the books that i read later in the year were freshest in my mind which was slightly unfair. if i read through the list again, i'd probably change half of them. i would also like to point out that i really  liked the beach street knitting society and yarn club even though it's not bolded in the previous post or the recipient of any of the awards here. i have no idea why because i really enjoyed the book. a lot. 

if you feel like awarding your own books, then let me know who wins. 

*It's Time - Imagine Dragons

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