Saturday, April 13, 2013

but you should never be embarrassed

this has been kind of a crazy year so far. before you decide to jump on the bandwagon of people who like nothing more than to shout things like "but you have no real job and no kids and no life and no ability to keep your apartment clean and i have all of these things and so my life is crazier than yours and your life is not crazy at all okay?" at me whenever i mention that, let me just say that, i never claimed that my life was crazier than yours and it is possible for two people to have crazy lives at the same time. i swear. (yes, that is kind of a sore subject. thanks for noticing.) anyway, there has been stress and research and pregnancy scares and grandmothers falling down stairs and stress and papers and stress and new jobs and book releases and stress and sick bunnies and shedding bunnies and cousins that need help and stress and editing and... um... you get the point.

in the midst of all that i haven't been able to do much reading. and what i have read has been... well... nothing a normal person would go announcing. i, however, am not a normal person. i love announcing things that other people would be embarrassed by. (remember when i said that i read sweet valley high by choice?)

anyway, in the beginning of the year i set myself a goodreads book goal for 2013. (i had originally set it to fifty, but three days into the year i just knew i wouldn't be very bookwormy and lowered it to thirty-five. i cheated, i know.) and although technically i'm on track (even a little ahead), i'm not sure it really counts. here is what i've read so far this year (in order):

  • intentional dissonance
  • pride and prejudice
  • trash
  • long day's journey into the night
  • the long fall
  • wings of fire: the lost heir
  • perfection
  • the host
  • wake
  • fade
  • gone

i'm not one of those people that reads to look cool. i think we've established that. i love YA books probably more than i should and may put down a book that doesn't hold my interest even if it does make me look smart. i read for the stories, not for what other people think of me. pure and simple. but this list is pretty bad. even for me. 

let me start by pointing out that, out of the eleven books i read this year, about half were rereads (pride and prejudice and then the host onward in case you were wondering). i'm not sure if those should even count. out of the six that were new reads, two had a reading age level of around fifth grade, one was young adult (and really bad), one was a play (super awesome, but still... not as lengthy or time-taking-uppy as a novel), and i'm pretty sure the last two didn't make it very far past three hundred pages. i got weird looks when reading most of them. 

in spite of all that, when i look at the list, i'm pretty okay with it. 

*Laura Laurent - Bright Eyes


  1. i've been trying to comment for like a month, but every time i push publish nothing comes up :"(

  2. oh! it worked!
    i like that list. i've been really slacking in reading. I'm rereading harry potter again (23 time) and i proudly carry my torn sorcerer's stone in the metro.

    1. i don't know why people that i want to comment can't, and yet a day doesn't pass without a handful of spammers commenting. as soon as this semester is over, i'll look into it. this blog needs a makeover anyway.

      awesome. i think it's time for me to reread it again, too. i'm rereading persuasion right now (which by the way always reminds me of you), but maybe after.

  3. anonymous hippopotamusApril 14, 2013 at 3:07 AM

    i read the list and was like hey! these don't count you've already these! :D cheater cheater pumpkin eater!

    1. half of them were completely new books that i had never read before. (except the long fall which was only three quarters new since i started it years ago when grandma first gave it to me. but i started it from the beginning and didn't remember any of it so it counts, too.)