Saturday, April 9, 2011

i've got another confession to make

i have been completely devoted to my accounting paper over the past few days. (by the way, i find it ridiculous that i have to take an accounting class because the university can't find someone to teach ethics in forensics.) i don't remember ever spending so much time on one assignment and doing so little for it. i mean, i even avoided blogworld to stay away from distractions. since when do i do that? especially for a paper that didn't seem to be getting anywhere. and then last night at around ten, everything just clicked. it all made sense. everything. the things i didn't look at for the midterm and consequently relied on lucky guesses to get right were clear as day. sure, there are still a few little things i need to work out. not because i don't understand them, though, but because the balance sheet seems to be missing a bit of information. it's great. really. and for an accounting paper, it's actually coming out pretty interesting if i do say so myself.

while i'm sounding smart, i'd like to take this moment to confess my literary guilty pleasure: bad YA books. (there was also a summer i spent reading semi-trashy romance novels from like the fifties because my sister and i discovered a series of them forgotten in my cousins' bookshelf.) at the top of this list is the sweet valley high series. i read a random few of them when i was younger, though i can't say i was one of those fans that read anywhere close to every single one. (i remember in high school a girl on my bus told me her older brother read the books and rushed home to watch the show everyday. sometimes, it was worth it to be friends with the little kids.) when my cousin came to stay with us for a few months last year, she read the couple that my sister had and really liked them. we ended up buying a bunch more for her, and then we all started reading them. the part of me that likes to watch lifetime movies couldn't get enough of them. they were just so bad. anyway, sweet valley confidential: ten years later came out at the end of march. my cousin had asked me to bring her books with me this summer which gave me the perfect excuse to order it. i just got it and can't wait to read it. i heard that it was awful. like, even worse than the older ones. the twins are still mary-sues, the plots are still contrived, and stereotypes are still taken as hard fact. i'm excited. i'm already in the middle of two books right now, though, so i'm holding off on this one until i finish at least one. (i'm usually not a read two books at once kind of person, but one of them belongs to a friend and i didnt want to stuff it in my bag to carry it around.) i also spontaneously downloaded marked, the first in the house of night series (a YA vampire series) because it was the top recommended bargain book or something. i swear this book makes twilight look amazing. i'm sure a young teen could possibly appreciate it, but it's just really, really bad. granted, i'm only a few chapters into it. maybe it gets better.

anyway, you can mock me for my book choices now if you'd like. i give you full permission.

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  1. It's no wonder why you don't like -Frankenstein-. Your stupid.

  2. uh oh, Anonymous, it looks like blogger ate the rest of your comment. my stupid what?

  3. anonymous hippopotamusApril 11, 2011 at 2:46 AM

    hahaha good one Sarah... but I highly doubt Anonymous will even understand you.

    and house of night was one of the series i was gonna tell you bout...remember me saying there was a series i thought you might be interested in but i couldn't remember the name? that was one of them!

    omg!!! I want to read sweet valley confidential!!!

  4. lol house of night is growing on me the way a reality show marathon does. you know how you watch the first episode and want to claw your eyes out but as the day wears on you start "watching just to mock them" and then suddenly you know everyone's names and before you know it you can't turn it off even though you know that it's really bad? yeah.

    and i'm bringing it in the summer for ayat so you can read it then.

  5. I actually talky like the house of night series. the later books are not so good, but I still enjoy the plot behind it. it does have to grow on you though. when u first started reading, I didn't enjoy it. but I have all the books so far :)

  6. lol yeah by the end of the book i was trying to justify to myself buying the next one. i'm still not the biggest fan of the writing and think the character is a pretty clueless mary-sue, but i dunno. despite its faults, it grows on you. maybe i'll check them out from the library or something.

  7. i went to the library a whileeee back, trying to find sweet valley high series for my sister to get her into reading. (she loved devil wears prada when i brought it home)
    but i searched the young adults section, which by the way was soooo small... it probably had only 60 books. anyways. they didn't have them. and then i asked the librarian and she just looked at me funny.
    and then i wanted to slap her and everyone else who judges people for reading 'trash'. honestly if they were more open-minded maybe people like my sister would read more often. the majority of teens go through stages where they just want a fast, guilty pleasure romance, drama, thriller, etc. honestly, i wish people would stop being sanctimonious. you can say your opinion about how the book was bad but don't judge and discourage people from reading. (grrr. and then there are those that continue complaining when teens 'don't read enough' and are 'addicted to technology'. i wonder why when you're complaining about their book choices.)
    ok end rant. i'm not even going to edit this post. k bye.

    1. this makes me very sad. people seriously suck. i mean, not everything has to be some sort of competition to see how cool and smart we are. we are allowed to read trash and watch trash and waste time and have fun.