Monday, April 18, 2011

and here at 23 it's the same old me

do you have a lot of free time on your hand? if not, then maybe you shouldn't read this right now. i have a feeling it's gonna end up ridiculously long. cause i can be conceited that way.

today marks the start of another year in the life of me (or it marks the successful completion of my goal to live for at least twenty two years. you know, either one.). anyway, yes, it's my birthday. since this was a year of many happenings in my life after many years of nothing, i thought that a recap would be appropriate. i love recaps. don't you? plus, it'll give the new readers a chance to see just what they were missing (pretty much nothing, but you know, whatever.) 

the year saw a blog post with over twenty comments which is a record for me, and most of them have nothing to do with the post. it also bore witness to me being called stupid and fat by my wonderful anonymous commenters, among other things. one of them also called my family stupid and alluded to the fact that they (my family) may have incestuous relationships. oh the fun we have, these anonymous commenters and i. 

last april, two days before my birthday, i wrote this about books, which i kinda liked. later in the month, i complained that written things are better in my head. i started my twenty third year procrastinating, as if i ever do anything else.  actually, the whole month was apparently spent whining about or procrastinating one thing or another.

may was chock full of posts full of long, pointless rambles. i would like to apologize for some of the stuff i have forced you to read through. it was also a pretty eventful month, and in between all the rambles, i made fun of some lyrics, finally got to watch city island, announced that i wanted to write something magical, and then began to write things. among these things i have written:  this about that lady who broke her own heart when no one else would, this about the girl with the paper heart, and this about breaking up or something. i also kinda liked this thing that i wrote. may also saw the end of LOST. that was sad. my cousin who had been staying with us for three months left. oh, and i graduated

june was, according to me, a month of little blogging (despite the fact that there are more june posts than april ones). i hurt my back that month and could barely move. when it started to get better, i hurt it again. i was in one of my hopeless moods, but that was okay because i also learned that grumpy people are smarter. and i wrote this that some anonymous commenter wanted to use to break up with his girlfriend. wonder how that worked out. i graduated again, because it's obviously the cool thing to do. and then i left the country.

july was spent on the other side of the world, with poor internet connection. i went through vitamin water zero withdrawal. it was a pretty uneventful start to the summer, and i spent a lot of time in my grandmother's room (she's bedridden) watching arabic soap operas and hollywood action movies. i wrote two things that i like during this month: one about the different experiences with writing and one about philophobia. i got really sappy and wrote a whole post dedicated to my blog readers ('cause you really are all awesome). i'm pretty sure the majority of this month was spent doing karaoke to disney and lady gaga songs with my cousin's daughters. fun. 

in august, more people were on vacation, so we did a lot more family visiting. we slept over at my cousins' house a few times, and one of them watched me sleep which i think is one of the creepiest things in the world. i had some trouble sleeping. i talked about my inability to make a decision, while using sylvia plath to explain my thoughts for me. LOST dvd set, mockingjay, and city island dvd were all released at the end of august. and even though i wasn't in the country, i had to have them all the day they came out. leaving my sister america comes in handy sometimes. and i came back to america. i wrote this about two people who are moving at different speeds, in different directions, with different desires.

september saw the start of a new semester. it was also the start of some bad stuff. towards the end of the month, my uncle came over to stay with us from saudi arabia for cancer treatment. this added stress, worry, and other general unpleasantness to my life. the semester wasn't bad, though, and i had this professor that i just fell in love with. my life became a dull repetition of menial tasks, but i took refuge from reality in making fun of people's book habits and bunnies. oh, and this was the month when i found out how awesome mason police officers are when they came and fixed my car. (it turns out that they're actually a pretty racist group according to everyone else, but i had good experiences with them so i dunno.)

october was hectic and didn't see many blog updates. while my parents were occupied with my uncle's deteriorating condition, the basic day to day running of the house fell on me. this was a bit stressful, to say the least, and started my newfound hatred for five am. the suckiness increased when my uncle died and my dad flew off to the other side of the world. while it helped having my mom around again, things were still really crazy. i did meet an awesome person at the bus stop who i was able to have weekly conversations with to escape from the blechness that was my life. i tried to save the world by preaching about water, and it was also a record month for stink bugs in my area. i think i can say with full confidence that i did not like october.

while october was probably the most hellishly-busy-i-really-hope-never-gets-repeated month of the year, november was probably the most eventful in the my-life-will-never-be-the-same kind of way. for starters, november means nanowrimo. i wrote some children's fantasy about magic and giants and unicorns. it was surprisingly very fun and easy to write once i got started, but i stopped once november ended and haven't looked at it since, despite only being about two-thirds into the story. a friend of mine also did nano for the first time, and i was more excited about his than mine. (i recently got to read his book. it was awesome. i take all credit for it.) i got engaged, which was especially big news because i was never an engaged type of person. i had jury duty for the first time which was pretty anticlimactic to say the truth. there was eid, thanksgiving, abdullah's pokemon birthday party. my sister had a baby on my parents' wedding anniversary, and the harry potter seven part one movie came out. 

the big news in december was pretty much still my engagement. my cousins didn't seem too thrilled about it because they seemed to be suffering under some delusion that it meant i was going to die. i also read/reread a bunch of YA series that month: the mediator series, the gemma doyle series, the time series (a wrinkle time and those). i copied out an awesome part from the gemma doyle series, and if you didn't read it i think you should. december also started an endless string of dentist appointments that still hasn't ended. my sister and i bought a ginormous box of chocolates for my grandma, and were so excited to give it to her that the wait for her to come down for the winter visit was torture. i think december was our first snow of the year. the first big one, at least. the semester ended, and i haven't seen the professor i was/am in love with since. it's quite sad, actually. i made the stupid decision to get a phd that month (and once i make a decision i try my best to stick with it) and i hated on santa claus.  

the start of a new decade came and passed largely ignored by me. if i remember correctly i was watching either family guy or boy meets world when the clock struck twelve, lying on a bed of springs. i also made no resolutions. january was a month in which my life was holding its breath and waiting for something to happen. i'm not exactly sure if it exhaled because something happened or if it just got tired of waiting. my biggest thought was probably my idea about auto-tinting contacts, and it turns out someone else was thinking the same thing anyway. i had my bridal shower (pretty early because...) my older sister and her husband officially announced that they were leaving the country. my younger sister got her wisdom teeth out, making me the only one in my family that is still wise. it was in january that i started playing snake on youtube. i would spend hours a night playing on boy meets worlds episodes. i was seriously addicted but it was a good mind-numbing way to spend my time when i needed to just go away for a bit. i stopped now, though. i took a second's break from talking about myself to warn that world that robots are taking over, starting with watson. legos are helping with the world domination. the new year also brought on all the mysterious animal mass murders. has anyone figured those out yet? i had a weird dream experience, and found out that (like with my brilliant idea) i wasn't the only one. while the middle east blew up in a million "revolutions," lady gaga decided to make her own mark on the world with her new disgusting signature scent. wow, busy month.

when february finally came around, i started reading and writing again - two things i had stopped in january. (i wrote the hat story this month.) i also hurt my toe and had to walk around campus in the middle of winter in flip flops. i failed miserably at accurately expressing my views on what life would be like if i was never born. february started a semester of stressful projects and killing my gpa. i ended the month with a modern day retelling of rumpelstiltskin. oh, and my sister and her family left. after living with us for a week. ten people. in one small town house. 

i started march by getting back out my soap box and talking about how the whole "arab terrorist" stereotype has gone on long enough. i pretty much finalized all the wedding plans that i can from this side of the world. it was in march that gas prices started to creep up, and they still are. the other day the gas station next to my house was over four dollars. and because that's not bad enough, for the first time in my life i went through an entire class understanding nothing and feeling completely stupid. that has never happened to me before. ever. i mean, yeah i have not understood things but for three hours to understand nothing was unprecedented. it was also around this time that i realized i don't like school anymore. i started off liking school way back when, then tolerating it, now i'm teetering on the edge of hating it. most of the time. obnoxious teachers don't really help. that, combined with a bunch of other things, have made the usual disgruntledness (not a word. whatever.) grow until all i want to do is hide in the past. i wrote this about the different parts we play in our own lives, badly burned my skin (which still isn't completely back to normal), and procrastinated because, really, that's all i do. we also had ali's ben10 birthday which i think is the first birthday of either of the boys that my older sister ever missed. sad. but still fun.

and now we're back to april. it's started off with stupid people and bad books, so you know it's going to be a pretty good month. if i manage to finish all the stupid work i have to do. it might possibly be a good idea to do some of that instead of spending forever on this post, but if i look at any of it anymore i think i'll die. really. i also went to my old high school a bunch this month. there was an award ceremony for boys' elementary so of course i went for my brothers, and then there was also the arabic poetry contest. i don't remember it being so good when i was in school (the contest), and these were just the elementary boys. i can't decide if it's because i never really paid it too much attention back then or because elementary students take it a lot more seriously, but it was really good. my brother didn't win, but he was still amazing. of course. we went to the circus and my annual rekindling of my dream to join it was a big success. they also had a pirate act and since joining the circus and becoming a pirate were always my top two goals, i think having them combined made my mind explode.

you know, after writing it all out like this, it really doesn't seem like such an eventful year after all. in the midst of it, it seriously seemed like it was just one thing after another. when i look at it now, i realize there were actually some periods of reprieve between the commotions. maybe my life isn't as changed as i thought.

anyway, if you made it all the way down here, then i seriously commend you. go eat cake in celebration of me and spend the day procrastinating, reading, and listening to good music.

*Maintain Consciousness - Relient K


  1. 1) I can't believe I read all of that. Damn yo.
    2) I started with November, and then read everything else.
    3) I always hated Corey (the guy looks like a dweeb), so I never got into Boy Meets World.
    4) Give me cake.
    5) For what seems to be like the fifth time today, Happy Birthday!

  2. 1)haha i just wasted precious moments of your life.
    3)growing up we used to sneak watching boy meets world because it wasn't allowed. during christmas break someone was talking about it and i went and watched like every single episode.
    5)thank you! and your gift was awesome. expect a real thank you email or something tomorrow when i wake up. i've never read any graphic novels so i am excited.

    also, i think you should know that yours was my favorite birthday text of the day. feel special.