Monday, March 21, 2011

i hope this helps to clarify, i hope you die

remember how a few days ago i mentioned how i was annoyed at my professor because he changed the homework assignment after i had already started it? well, aside from being a whiner and procrastinator, i am actually a pretty responsible student so the next day i sat myself down and worked through 99% of it. i did all the book questions, all the questions from his head, and most of the decodings. all i had left was one message i was having trouble with despite trying since friday. i even offered a $100 reward to anyone in my family that could solve it. it's still unsolved.

anyway, i go into the school library this morning to get a couple of things i'll need for my exam tonight (which i was supposed to study for today). i sign in to blackboard and there's an announcement from my thursday class professor. i open it and see red. he changed the homework. again. dude, what the hell?! i cannot keep spending hours doing homework for you that you are going to change. make up your mind on what you want us to do and then post it to blackboard. do you have any idea how much time i have wasted on work he refuses to even look at? do you know how much stuff i could have used that time to do? i have other classes. i have family. i have things. i swear to god if he changes it one more time something really bad is going to happen. and then i also have a huge paper + 40 minute presentation to do for this class with a worthless partner that i haven't had the chance to even start on because every minute of my work time is spent doing pointless homework questions. there are really no words to describe how ridiculous this is. it's just.... GAH. 

you don't understand how much i hate this class. i don't learn anything, at all. it makes me feel ridiculously stupid. it is such a waste of my time. i can't stand most of the people in the class. i'm 98% sure it will screw up my gpa. the professor is a moron who can't just stick to what he says. and the thing that kills me is that i don't even really need it. it was supposed to be an easy elective. remind me next time to not try and take the easy way out. 

so i am left debating whether to spend my day studying for tonight's exam or working on this stupid assignment that will probably be different when i wake up in the morning. it's like he's playing a really cruel joke on us that is not funny in the least bit. someone make him stop. 

UPDATE: turns out, i had solved the code myself yesterday afternoon. a lot of the words seemed wrong and everyone laughed when i read it though so i went on to waste an entire day trying to solve it again. it was the first stanza of lewis carroll's jabberwocky.

*I Hope You Die - Bloodhound Gang


  1. EVIL TEACHERS!!!!!!!!!!!! Hate it when they do that nonsense.

    I'd walk up to him and argue out the fact that I had already completed the work he has set because unlike other uni students I am actually organised and get my work done :p

  2. lol i ended up submitting all the work from each version of the assignment and then wrote a note at the top saying something like since i spent so long doing this work, i thought i'd submit it anyway so it's not wasted. i can be a bit passive aggressive when i want to be.

  3. good on ya

    btw - you didn't answer my question in the comments on my blog :p All depends on who you want to die :p

  4. anonymous hippopotamusMarch 23, 2011 at 2:59 AM

    OMG you guys should go to the head of the department and complain about this. Maybe it's just this assignment, but if he continues to do it on all of your assignments you should go file a complaint. He obviously assumes the world revolves around him and class.

    Lol I'm soo if it happened to me..the first change i probably would have let slide. The second would have resulted in a VERY angry email letting him know that he cannot waste my time with stupid assignments.

  5. anonymous hippopotamusMarch 23, 2011 at 3:05 AM

    oh and he's wasting precious time that could be sent writing me emails.. god! :P

  6. i think the head already hates him. this is the dude that cancelled the online section when he wasn't supposed to and the head tried to make him do it anyway even if he was teaching to an empty online classroom, but he doesn't. and if i remember correctly, i wrote a long rambling email and i got back a "i'll reply to this later. i'm just going to reply to anisah." so, uh, i wouldn't talk.

  7. anonymous hippopotamusMarch 23, 2011 at 2:40 PM

    uhh no.. i emailed that and then i sent an incredibly long literally 10 minutes later. and i said i had already replied to anisah because her email was short...

    stop blaming me! :P

  8. oh oops. i totally didn't notice that. it never came up as a new email so i didn't read it. i'll read it in a bit though. stupid gmail.

  9. anonymous hippopotamusMarch 23, 2011 at 4:13 PM

    yeaaahhh SUUUUURRREEE!!!! *continue sobbing in my corner* :P