Tuesday, March 15, 2011

you don't do anything

[one] 97.2: a pretty random number, wouldn't you think? but it has been popping up everywhere today. i bought a burt's bees shampoo a while back to try. this morning, when i was taking the empty bottle out of the shower, i noticed for the first time that the label says it is 97.2%  natural. later, i'm reading paper towns and one of the main characters says that she is 97.2% sure about something (pg 62). while standing in line to get a turtle mocha from caribou, the lady in front of me tells her friend that there is a 97.2% chance of rain today.  have i just been out of the loop on the popularity of this number?

[two] i woke up with a need to write something (not to be confused with "anything"), but i cannot for the life of me figure out what it is. i've written a few different things today (or parts of a few different things), but always feel like i need to write something else. like there is something struggling to get out, but i can't quite find it in my mind so a bunch of other things come out instead, and it's still in there somewhere, fists banging against a locked door, screaming for release. the fact that i don't have the key is moot since i can't even find the door.

[three] i don't understand why the kitchen has to be so far away from my room. i think i might die from dehydration and there is an entire flight of stairs between me and the cups/water/juice. it may as well be an ocean, or a fiery pit of lava, or a swamp filled with hungry alligators and quicksand because there is no way i am going to walk down all those stairs and then back up three minutes later. i swear, one day my laziness will kill me and when i lay there dying i'll think about regretting my refusal to exert any energy whatsoever but will probably be too lazy to actually do the regretting. my last few moments of life will be a total waste of time. to make it worse, what i really feel like is a root beer and that's all the way in the garage. woe is me. 

*Wrong! - The Mountain Goats


  1. [two] I know exactly what I want to write, but I can't figure out the direction. I'm too afraid to screw it up, I'm leaving it untainted and unfinished.

    [three] my. life.

  2. I'm going to quote you on [three] because it's too accurate and awesome not to. You will be somewhere on the internet, and by internet, I meant tumblr.

  3. tooly... the great thing about writing, though, is that you can change it once you have it down. if it's not how you wanted it to be, fix it. though i know that's a lot easier said than done, and nothing is ever as good on paper as it is in your head. i miss the stories you used to post on your blog. you should write more.

    Lujain... lol yay! i'm selfish enough to take solace in the fact that other people have the same problems with the layout of their house as me.