Thursday, March 10, 2011

i feel stupid

class tonight was awful. i have never felt so incredibly dense in my entire life. my brain could not seem to register anything my professor said, and the little that it did made no sense at all. and when he was firing out review questions and the entire class was shouting out right answers, i was just like "ummm..." i didn't know how they were getting the answers, what they were even trying to find, why they were doing anything. i have felt stupid before, but this just went above and beyond. i was trying to focus and learn, but my brain must have been stolen because it sure wasn't helping. i'm thinking i need to buckle down and teach myself to understand during spring break. not a very appealing thought.

i really don't like this class. the professor as a person is a pretty cool guy, and as a teacher he's actually not so bad anymore, but i cannot stand the class. and the professor grades in pluses and minuses which i absolutely abhor. and i'll probably end up with an A- and ruin my gpa which i was hoping to keep at 4.0 for my master's. figures that the class i took as an easy elective would be the one that messes me up. gah.

moving on from my newfound stupidity, i was told today that the epilogue of harry potter 7 was so much better when you listened to stephen fry read it to you. i gave it a shot and still thought it wasn't up to snuff. you try and let me know what you think.

oh, and today (in my timezone) was my nephew's second birthday. it seriously does not feel like an entire year has passed since we were at his first birthday party with my cousin. years fly by like weeks these days. it's kinda scary. is this what growing up is?

*Mad Season - Matchbox 20


  1. omg... that epilogue sounded so much better, sarah. the adjectives all made so much sense.
    i still don't love the epilogue, but i think that's because harry would always be that cupboard kid to me, and jk rowling totally ruins that with the last chapter.

  2. i think one of my main problems with the epilogue is that there seems to be just so much thrown at you. there's a million people with weird names that i don't really care about because we never really got the chance to care about them, but they're walking around the page as if i should just cause they're related to harry freakin potter. that doesn't change no matter who's reading it. i admit it wasn't as bad as i originally thought, but i stand by my original belief that it falls somewhere below the rest of the book.

  3. Stephen Fry didn't do much for me. It felt like there was a bunch of information she wanted to feed us but not enough space to let it grow. And what with, sycamores and oaks everywhere, you can barely expect these ferns to flourish or make any semblance of a lasting impression. It felt rushed. Had she left it with a vague closing, like the one I presume she originally had, ending with 'scar', I feel it would have been much better.

    It's one of those things, where as the author, you know everyone's history, and you're desperate to get it across to the reader, but they haven't lived with the characters as long as you have.

    I'm rambling.

  4. your rambling makes perfect sense. while stephen fry's voice sounded better than mine, it couldn't erase the fundamental issues i had with the epilogue.