Monday, March 14, 2011

so much to do

i feel so productive. i woke up today at five to make sure the boys got up for school, dressed, and breakfasted. i made lunches and did last minute homework checks. i watched ben ten and made sure they got on the bus then ate breakfast myself. i then did a take home midterm for one of my classes, the first question of which took four pages to answer. four. pages. is that not ridiculous? and that was with leaving out a bunch of stuff cause i just didn't feel like typing everything. there were eight questions total. it was a ridiculously long test. after that i cleaned the house - down to scrubbing and disinfecting the kitchen trash can cause it was starting to look gross again. i just don't get the appeal of white trash cans. they start looking grimy so fast. i did laundry. i showered. dinner is on the oven. i'm about to go make something for dessert. i'm updating my blog, which i've been meaning to do all weekend. the boys will be back from school in fifteen minutes and then we'll eat, do homework, pick up my sister, and chill till their bed time. i haven't had a stress-free productive day in so long. it feels good.

but anyway, i read this the other day and got super excited. teen nick is going to start airing all the shows i grew up watching. yes, they will be showing at midnight to two and i've been sleeping at eleven:thirty nightly, but that's okay. i'll stay up. i miss shows like kenan and kel and clarissa explains it all. they don't make them like that anymore. (i realize that up until last month i would spend hours watching iCarly, victorious, and big time rush and will probably continue watching them whenever i take up tv again, but that doesn't mean i don't think my generation's tv was better.)

to end with a random note, my brother made a solar powered oven for his science fair a couple of weeks ago, but we've just had rain and overcast days so he hasn't gotten a chance to actually use it yet. this weekend we finally got a little sun so we decided to do his experiment. he wanted to see if the oven could cook marshmallows, hot dogs, and frozen pizza. saturday didn't really get sunny until two:thirty which means the sun wasn't really warm, so we sat out for a few hours and nothing happened. sunday was sunny all day, but still a pretty cool day. it took five hours for the marshmallows to start to cook. and even then they were only starting to get a little gooey on the inside. we had to stop though cause the wind kept blowing the oven away. if it took five hours for marshmallows, i am dreading the hotdogs and pizza.

*All Star - Smash Mouth


  1. anonymous hippopotamusMarch 15, 2011 at 2:41 PM

    OMG! I felt so productive yesterday too!! soo could just be a coincidence...but I'd like to believe it was something more than that. :D

  2. quantum physics. we are connected through space and time.

  3. <3 big time rush. ill keep watching that even if they bring back the old stuff. i'm excited about rugrats. do you know if they'll bring back hey arnold?

  4. i dunno. i hope they do, though. that was an awesome show. i watch icarly more than big time rush, but i'll probably still watch all of them.