Tuesday, March 8, 2011

you're right, you're right, there is no point

can someone please tell me why gas prices are sky rocketing? (okay, okay, i know it's because of unrest in the middle east and stuff. whatever.) every day i wake up to find them ten cents higher than they were the night before. we're inching towards four bucks a gallon, and that is when i will trade in the car for a nice pair of sneakers. healthy, cheap, and environmentally friendly... what more could a person ask for? (besides heat and not having to leave the house three hours before before class to get there on time.) but i mean, seriously, it's getting ridiculous, and i think it should stop.

in other news, i went to toys r us today to get a stuffed giraffe for my sister. his name is george, but i don't think i'll ever see him again. right now, he's laying in the trunk of my car waiting for tomorrow when he'll probably end up with her stat professor. when i bought him, the cashier looked at me like i was weird. i was just like, i'm in toys r us, what do you expect me to buy? bran muffins?

i also went to my doctor today. i got a blood test that i was saying i needed to get for the past three years. i feel accomplished. i gave the secretary lady my insurance card cause i changed my insurance since the last time i went to them, but she was on the phone so she held on to it to file it or whatever while i was in with the doctor. when i came out, i forgot to take it back from her, and she forgot to give it back to me. so now i have to go get it from them tomorrow or something. annoying.

oh, and in class tonight, i didn't hear a single word my professor said. not one. it was slightly sad cause no one was listening or paying any attention to him. the dude doesn't know how to dismiss us and the ends of classes are always really awkward - full of hesitant pauses and nervous laughs. anyway, tonight i look up and he's just sitting in the front playing with his laptop and everyone else is on their computers doing their own stuff. i wait a second and realize that he had finished with the lecture. either that, or gave up on us. one by one, the class starts to realize that he's not talking anymore. we stare at him for a couple of minutes, someone makes some comment about the upcoming midterm, and then we kind of shuffle out of the class. i actually felt bad for him, but the class is just. too. boring.

*There is No Point - Exploited


  1. -_-
    i forgot my credit card once after paying for parking. i just called and cancelled it rather than drive back.

  2. petrol over here hit 1.40 in places. how are people meant yo afford that. already costs me 70 quid a fortnight... :(

  3. The Procrastinator... i wish i could just cancel my insurance card or say i lost it, but i just got it like two weeks ago and it's a new photo id card and i feel like getting a new one would be a bigger commotion.

    Hannah... maybe this is an international conspiracy to try and get more people to go green? cause it really is just crazy. oh, and random side note: i felt so british reading your comment :).

  4. anonymous hippopotamusMarch 9, 2011 at 4:08 PM

    haha i felt british reading her comment too!! :D

    Razan I forgot my credit card a restaurant once...and while walking to my car I hear the waiter screaming my name..my instinct told me to run to my car and lock the door..turns out he was returning my card to me.. :D

    i feel soooo bad for your professor..why bother having class at all? why doesn't he just email you guys assignments?

  5. i know, right? i decided that next class i will listen to him. the entire time. it's just really bad cause all he does is read off his slides (really poorly) in this monotonous voice - but not the kind that makes you want to sleep. it's more of the kind of voice that makes you want to kill someone. anyone.

  6. My comments makes folks feel british... How random.

    Seriously, I live in a little village in the middle of nowhere.. If I can't afford petrol I'm trapped. Petrol is a necessity - not a luxury. It's like food prices... They are soaring as well. How are people meant to survive if food is too expensive. Not like our wages are going up