Sunday, March 27, 2011

same old story, not much to say

while making tea today, i accidentally spilled boiling hot water all over myself - well, my left hand up past my wrist by an inch or two, the thumb on my other hand, and a bit on my shirt. this was four hours ago. my left hand still burns. my thumb is fine until something rubs up against it. then ouch. the skin on my hand also feels kinda tight now. it's weird.

i had so much work to do over the weekend. it is now sunday night and i have done nothing. no one is surprised. 

my brothers and i made pancakes with sprinkles in them for breakfast today (which involved me waking up before the sun again ugh). the sprinkles melted into the batter and made it really pretty and colorful. 

i thought my brother was suffering from his usual allergies over the past few days, and allergies are not contagious. turns out, he probably has a cold, which is contagious, and i think i caught it. i don't really have time right now to get sick. my sister also just sneezed a bajillion times which is never a good sign.

i realized that i probably won't get into any phd program because they all require work experience in the field, of which i have none. i still have to try and apply, though, which means i need to take the gre. i think subconsciously i really really don't want to do any more school because i cannot get myself to go look for test times and location and whatnot. blech. why is it so difficult/tedious to continue your education? 

i'm debating whether to start on a paper or read a book before i inevitably fall asleep way too early. i'm thinking i should just let the weekend end in homework hopelessness and go read. i'm pretty confident that i'm making the right choice. 

*You Were Meant for Me - Jewel


  1. the gre?!
    truly, with every fiber of my being, i am sorry for you. i just ended that punishment. i have a terrible story to tell about it. maybe i'll tell it in a bit, but good luck. just make sure you take the test at least two weeks before the application due date. -_-

  2. the application isn't actually due until october (i'm trying for next spring) but my professor told me to try and get things at least started before the summer so i can try and negotiate my way around the work obstacle.