Friday, April 1, 2011

i'm a weirdo

i just about finished my first paper. i have a few bits and pieces i needa add/change but i just can't bring myself to do them. maybe i'll be more inspired tomorrow morning. doubt it, but here's to hoping. only problem is that he never gave us a page number range and mine (or ours.. whatever) is twenty without the references and appendix. some professors have a problem with papers over ten pages. oh well.

also, a couple of weeks ago (possibly last week? my memory sucks these days) i reread the hunger games series, and i think my mind is still partly living in that world because my conclusion was way too power-to-the-people-let's-start-a-rebellion. if katniss was fighting for network security, i swear my conclusion would have been one of her speeches. i'll have to edit it later and calm it down.

speaking of books, for the past few months i've been living on a tight budget. before i buy anything i do a bunch of calculations in my head and usually decide that gas and textbooks are more important than a lot of things. but now i have money in my account again, and it's all i can do not to go and buy all of amazon. i've been adding things to my cart for the past few months, and i just want all of it. i know there's a responsible money budgeter inside of me, but she's been locked up by the part of me that wants new books. i have to set her free.

on another note, i have this imaginary library in my head that will exist in my house when i grow up. not just a bookshelf, but an entire room dedicated to books and reading. when that happens, i will get this great gatsby poster to put on a wall. i just started rereading gatsby yesterday, and when i was "doing my paper" i came across the poster and decided it was fate. i'm not sure why exactly i fell so in love with it, i mean it's cool and everything, but i need it. just not right now. i think i will also get the pride and prejudice one. and maybe the wizard of oz. (do you ever do that? shop for imaginary places you will own in the future? or am i just certifiable?)

anyway, my mind is really struggling to be coherent right now, but i feel like it's failing miserably. and my blankets are all tangled, and i feel like i'm trapped/being strangled.

oh, and i know that this is an april's fool joke, but i would totally get back into tv to watch it:

*Creep - Radiohead


  1. I was just sifting through the Hunger Games the other day. I love that atmosphere you're surrounded with when you're reading it, and sometimes I like to take a peek just so I can relive it for just a moment.

    Oh and also, I've maxed out my imaginary credit card. It's chaos, really.

  2. oh man are they kidding me? that pride and prejudice one is beautiful

  3. I have houses constructed with nooks, crannies, book and vinyl shelves, and random nothings strewn all over the place. I think it's the refuge of the escapist.

    On another note, those posters are beautiful.

  4. awesome that i'm not the only one. :)

    and i'm giving myself three days. if i still want the posters this bad, i think i'm going to get them. or i'll regret it forever.

  5. anonymous hippopotamusApril 4, 2011 at 2:34 PM

    the posters are cool...but the pride and prejudice one makes me think of gone with the wind.. they probably could have designed it better.

    and OMG the aurors looks soo awesome! are you sure its fake??

  6. it reminded me of gwtw too! but since gwtw is one of the greatest books ever, i still think it's awesome.

    and lol yeah but who knows, maybe they'll make a real one out of it. i mean, if the geico cavemen got their own, the aurors definitely should.