Friday, April 22, 2011

the sign on the door said no girls allowed

because this didn't fit into the previous post.

i was sitting outside of class yesterday finishing up the last book in the scott pilgrim series. (this post will have spoilers.) a kid in my class joins me and starts talking about it to me because it's like his favorite series ever. (by the way, thanks ash. you have made me cool in the eyes of my IT people.) i mention how i was hoping scott would end up with kim at the end (this is where i lost that coolness) and the kid was flabbergasted. "but... but... throughout the entire series he's fighting the evil exes to go out with ramona. why would he end up with kim?" he spluttered. "i dunno. i just really liked kim and wanted them to end up together," i say with a shrug, laughing a little at how offended he seemed by this. he stares at me for a minute and then said, "this is why girls shouldn't read scott pilgrim" in a tone that brought to mind secret boys clubs with signs that said "no girls allowed" in red crayon. it took all my will power not to die of laughter right there. but i had a presentation to do and i didn't think it would have been fair to my partner. but this kid is around thirty years old if not a little older, and it was just so ten-year-old-boy of him, and it was so funny.

*You Ate My Dog - Still Lost


  1. anonymous hippopotamusJune 7, 2011 at 6:38 AM

    k i remember reading this..but this was actually one blog i couldn't thing of a comment to. the others i had actually wanted to comment but something or other prevented me from doing so.

    therefore i will comment here about what i am doing. i am going to comment on every blog post that has zero comments...there a few posts that i had wanted to comment on but right now i'm only going to look through all your posts and comment on the ones that have no comments. because i think it would be awesome to have comments on every post. :D

  2. i think it would be awesome to have comments on all my posts, too.

    and you could have commented on the fact that boys never grow out of their sexism.