Wednesday, April 13, 2011

i'm not a film buff. i am not usually overcome with desperate desires to visit new york. but for the past few years, every time the tribeca film festival rolls around, the only thought in my head is: i. must. go. and there is always something to stop me. i know that one year i am going to get the chance to make the drive up there, and it will be a year when every film at the festival sucks. i just know it. gah. 

this is a pointless post. 


  1. Take me with you when you go.

    I completely forget about all blogs for quite some time. I have a paper I should be working on but I've been procrastinating by catching up on all your previous posts. I'm also waiting for The Strokes to stream online from Coachella at 11:55 (I'm almost there!!).

    Oh yes, I noticed the Julian's Phrazes-titled post. It made me happy.

    But yea, take me with you when you go.

  2. okay. next year. me and you, we'll go.

    and yay for procrastinating! i approve of your poor academic decisions lol. i, however, cannot for the life of me stay up late anymore. it's kinda sad actually. i'm usually asleep before eleven. the other night i stayed up till twelve and felt so accomplished.

    enjoy the strokes streaming. :) and good luck with the paper. i hate schoolwork.