Thursday, April 18, 2013

twenty-five years have come and gone and that story's still unfolding

twenty-five. it feels like a big one. like one of those birthdays that should mean something. a nice, round number that marks that i've been alive for a quarter of a century. how did that even happen? it is also the last year before my lapyear which is kind of really weird.

n. the age at which you become older than your parents were when you were born, which signals that your leg of the relay race has already begun, having coasted in their slipstream as they tackled the mountain stages of life, leaving you strong, energetic and deeply mortified by their loud yellow jerseys. (Dictionary of obscure sorrows)

there's no big compilation of all of the things that happened this year, because honestly, i just did not have the time. but it was a good year for me, even if i did think i was twenty-three for most of it. a year of firsts. my first car, my first bunny, my first book published (and hopefully not the last)...

i had a surprise birthday dinner with friends on monday, was sick with a 24 hour feel like crap with a fever type thing on tuesday (when i made the huge mistake of starting a new book series (remember years ago when i posted on here that i wanted to read the mortal instruments? yeah i finally got started on them. took me long enough.) instead of just finishing persuasion. now i can't get any work done because just one. more. chapter.), did the whole student thing on wednesday, and went out to breakfast with my dad this morning.

birthdays always remind me of the amazing people that i have in my life. i have a tendency to default to depressed hermit, but that doesn't mean that i don't appreciate the fact that i'm surrounded (or at least can be surrounded) by truly awesome people. my social circle has slowly shrunk, like most people's do as they move through life, and i could not be happier with the ones who remain in it. (even if we do go months with no contact sometimes.)

anyway, here's to another year of friends, family, and dreams. and now i have a paper to write. blah.

*Twenty-five Years - Paul Simon


  1. anonymous hippopotamusApril 19, 2013 at 5:16 AM

    wow! a hopeful happy blog post from sarah that is actually just as good as your depressing ones. :)

    1. what can i say, i have amazing talents :P.