Saturday, June 21, 2014

i know it's hard

back in high school, there was a running joke of sorts about my girl-scout-ness for lack of a better word. you know, because i did things like bake brownies from scratch and we had a craft room (slash box after we moved) in my house. they would make comments about how i probably made my skirt and my tights and my bag and... you get the idea. a friend wrote in my end of the year notebook thingie:
"I'll remember your craftiness/girl scoutness and how you practically made everything you own... I can imagine you probably made this notebook yourself you liar... that man didn't give it to you."
(those ellipses are not me editing the quote. we were all really big on ellipses back then....) she then wrote that if i was a shape i would be a rectangle, but that is neither here nor there.

anyway. it has been eight years since i graduated high school, and i feel like i am becoming the person that they said i was back then. i just want to make everything. i want to spend hundreds of thousands of hours knitting and only stop when my hands are so cramped that i can barely hold the needles. and even then, i'll just switch to crocheting. (who woulda thought? me, crocheting.)  i want every blanket in my house to be made by me. i want to knit all my clothes. (i'm not even joking, i had the strongest urge to knit myself an entire outfit the other day but i refrained because although i'm fine with being the person who wants to knit their entire wardrobe, i don't think i'm ready to become the person that actually knits her own clothes.) once i finish this turtle scarf for my sister, i plan on crocheting a teddy bear. because why not. i want everyone i know to have babies so that i can make them blankets and hats and sweaters and toys. i want to have made every pot, plate, and mug i own. every vase and box and bowl. i want to make my own notebooks. (i've only done paper-making once outside of science class in sixth grade, but i loved it.)

my most recent crafty urge is to take up weaving. my mom has this huge loom (that i totally plan on stealing someday) that we were kind of obsessed with growing up. so she bought a table loom (that i plan to take a lot sooner than someday) and taught us to weave. we made blankets for our dolls, but then moved on, like kids do. recently, though, i have seen a bunch of woven tapestries and cannot shake the feeling of i need to do that. summers are kind of crazy, so i asked my mom to reteach me to weave in the fall, which she said she'd do. but i still want to weave right now. i am trying really, really hard not to buy myself a lap loom which pretty much needs no teaching because that is fifty dollars that could be used on so many other things. but good god is it hard. if i make it to the end of the summer without writing about my new woven artwork for my walls, i think i deserve a prize.

*Keep Your Head Up - Andy Grammer


  1. anonymous hippopotamusJune 22, 2014 at 8:18 AM

    NO NO NO...i want mommy's loom :'( please? Or we could just live together in the same house so we can both have it. :'( :'( Lol...seriously when I read I plan on stealing it, my heart dropped and I felt like crying. :D Not kidding. I don't care about the table loom can totally have that. Also please don't knit all your own makes me think of that one piece knitted suit picture that was popular ion fb a while back.

    And thank I feel like weaving.

    1. ahahaha i know you so well. just last week i was sitting in the living room with the parents talking and i mentioned that i was going to take the loom and mommy was like, "yeah, of course." then i said that you were going to say that you wanted it, and daddy said, "hannah is not into all the craftiness. she doesn't have time for all of that." and i was like, "no, just wait. she's going to say that she wants the loom." considering that you live halfway around the world and i live in a one bedroom apartment, i think it's a moot point for now. if i don't plan on using it then you can have it. if weaving becomes my thing then we'll look into joint houses lol.

      i don't remember a knitted suit pic on fb, but rest assured. i do not see myself taking that plunge yet. no knitted clothing. well, maybe just a sweater.

      and right? let's weave when you get here.