Friday, June 27, 2014

i've been doing just fine

i am awful at telephones, let's just get that out there. i take time to mentally prepare myself before i have to make phone calls. this could be anywhere from ten minutes to two days depending on the nature of the call. (i don't think i have ever said "nature of the call" before in my life, and i feel like an idiot typing it, but there it is.) there are some days, though, that telephones do not bother me in the slightest. i will make a hundred and five calls and be ready to make twelve more. (i think a hundred and seventeen is pretty much my limit, though.) yesterday was a phone call day. which was awesome for the reasons that i will now tell you.

two years ago (or something like that), i was buying a ticket for an event and if i signed up for a trial month of one of those coupon-smart-shopper-whatever programs, i would get forty percent off the ticket. forty percent is kind of a lot, so i signed up. before my trial month was over, i called them up (horror of all horrors) and cancelled my subscription. the following month, however, i had a charge on my credit card for seventeen dollars. for the subscription that i cancelled. i kept planning on calling them to tell them that i should not have been charged, but a part of me kind of hoped it would just go away on its own. the following month, though, i was charged again. so i heaved a big sigh and called up the program people. after a long phone call during which i was passed off to several different people, i was finally told that my subscription was cancelled and i would be credited back the two charges within the next few days. only, i wasn't credited back anything. and the following month, i was charged again. 

i kept pushing off calling them again, and then kind of forgot, and only remembered at bad times, and then two years passed with me being charged seventeen dollars a month. every month. for two years. maybe a little more. and then finally, yesterday happened. and i called and cancelled my credit card. that i didn't use really ever and was only there to be charged seventeen dollars a month. and it feels awesome. i also made a whole bunch of other calls that i have been putting off for forever. and did all of those i-don't-want-to-but-need-to things. it was productive.

while i was feeling extremely gloaty and productive, though, the universe decided to knock me down a few pegs and i ate lunch twice. because i forgot that i had already eaten it. i remember thinking, "oh i forgot to have lunch. i'm not even hungry but people who are on top of things do not skip meals." and then after i finished i saw my plate from my first lunch sitting by the sink and i was like, "oh yeah. that's why i wasn't hungry." 

*Mr. Brightside - The Killers

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