Wednesday, April 15, 2015

at two weeks postpartum i started a post about how i had my baby. but taking care of a baby, and having crazy hormonal crying jags, and having guests, and grading papers, and dealing with a cold without the magic of nyquil, and forgetting about it makes blogging a little difficult. so i would add to the story every couple of days, and i just realized that it is a monster. you can read it in the post below, but really, it takes a very long time to say what i will summarize in the next paragraph.

i had my baby! my water broke on march eleventh (my husband's birthday) which was a complete shock to me because a) with seven kids between my mom and sister, neither of them ever had their water break so i wasn't expecting it at all and b) as a first-time mom i was told i would likely be late, and since my mom was late with most of her kids i was expecting to be induced. after panicking for a bit, i headed to the hospital where i was admitted and surprised to find that i was having regular contractions. (i wasn't feeling them at all.) i walked around for a few hours, got a couple hours of sleep, and then the nurse checked me and to all of our disappointment i was only one centimeter dilated. i was started on pitocin, and the contractions started to get super painful. my doctor said i would likely have the baby around seven, i said five (because hospital policy was eighteen hours after your water breaks you get a csection if you haven't delivered yet), and my dad said i'd have it at two. i got my epidural, got checked again and surprised everyone with how fast i had progressed, and had my baby at two:oh-six. doctors and nurses were all amazing, and i felt really lucky about how it all went down. recovery sucked.

oh, and we named him yazeed.

the weekend after i had him (when he was ten days old) my sister and her family came all the way over from riyadh to see him in a surprise visit. i was literally the only one that didn't know they were coming, so only i was surprised. it was actually pretty awesome. then my cousin and her family came down from boston and my grandma came down from connecticut and there were so. many. people.

anyway, now you're pretty much caught up with everything. for now, at least. i'll probably talk about all this more when i don't have a crying baby and a really bad cold. 

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