Thursday, August 30, 2012

let me forget about today until tomorrow

after class today, i walked to the shuttle stop and read the paper for fifteen minutes until the shuttle came. then i got on and listened to my ipod for the half hour ride home. then i walked home, got the mail, made myself dinner, and ate alone at the coffee table (i would rather have a library than a dining room) in complete silence. there was something really peaceful about the loneliness that brought back the wishes i had for living on my own between living with my family and living with my husband. (cultural reasons pretty much put a stop to this.) i have no real regrets about my life, but still... it would have been nice.

on a different note, class on tuesday confirmed that being a forensic examiner is a pretty awesome career choice for me, and not just because i have come to the conclusion that my forensic teachers are just about the awesomest people ever. all of them. according to my professor, to be a forensic examiner you have to have thick skin, be able to laugh at cry-worthy situations, like to rant, and communicate better in writing than speaking. there were other things, but those were the most note-worthy. (oh, and i like doing the actual forensic-exam-work-stuff, too.) but every time i decide that i really do like computer forensics and the decision to get into for my master's was a good one, i suddenly get a strong urge to write. or to edit one of my "novels" that are sitting around my hard drive collecting the proverbial dust. i think it's my younger self thinking that her dream of being an author is being threatened and refusing to let go of it. (not that i'm gonna let go of it.)

my family is coming back from saudi arabia tomorrow. 

i also have my anti-forensics class tomorrow which admittedly i was pretty excited for (i'm a nerd at heart), until i read the syllabus this morning. the professor is only going to "teach" for the first four weeks, and it looks like topics i've already learned in my other classes. then we have hour long student presentations for october, november, and december (while turning in ten page papers every three weeks). i don't mind the work, i just wanted to actually learn the subject in-depth. i mean we've skimmed over it in my other classes and it looks like this one will just skim too. disappointing. 

one day i will learn to write a blog post that doesn't jump around everywhere. also, the title is more what i was listening to at the time than what the post is about. 

*Mr. Tambourine Man - Bob Dylan


  1. anonymous hippopotamusAugust 31, 2012 at 12:11 AM

    1. seriously the title made me think...oh no what happened today?
    2. i like how one measly sentence is dedicated to the parents. no explanation no nothing. its kinda pointless putting it in there. everything else flowed very nicely and did not, contrary to what you said, jump around everywhere.

    lol oh zazu bought presents for abood and ali...zazu and omar. he actually bought it for them and did not ask to buy something for himself...i was so proud!

    1. 1. yeah i was gonna change it, but i couldn't think of another lyric.
      2. i was seriously going to go into them coming today, but there's nothing else to really add. and then i felt mean taking it out.
      3. i don't know why you started in a list and then just stopped halfway through.
      4. cute. did you tell him to buy gifts for them or was it his idea?

    2. anonymous hippopotamusSeptember 1, 2012 at 9:30 PM

      entirely his idea..i told him abood got him a present and he was like omg i need to buy them presents :D

  2. I think you're right about not having to give up one dream for the other... You can totally be a forensics genius and edit a novel on the side. Besides, more experiences equal more things to write about!

    1. lol that's what i was thinking. there are probably not many books with the main character being a computer forensics examiner, and who better to write that than a forensics examiner? and judging from the kind of people i've seen in classes, there are not many forensics examiner ready to spend their time writing novels.