Saturday, January 19, 2013

and for a second there we'd won

i'm that obnoxious person in the class that, when asked how i did on an assignment/test, answers with a, "good" or "i'm happy with it" or "nothing to complain about" instead of the grade that was obviously what the asker of the question wanted. it's not that i want to sound mysterious or anything, but i am always filled with this stupid and irrational guilt when i get higher than the person asking. this has gotten worse in college. people who don't know me tend to assume that i won't do very well in many assignments (because, as i've mentioned on here before, being muslim and arab obviously makes me stupid), and so i tend to end up helping/studying with people who think we're all on the same level. and then they make me feel like i somehow betrayed them when it turns out that i'm actually pretty good at school. plus, it always comes out sounding like i'm bragging, when i'm really not. so i just avoid the whole thing.

having said that, i think the fact that i talked about the quals on here so much and the fact that i'm super relieved slash excited, makes it necessary to say that i got the results for my qualifying exams and managed to pass all four of them. (woohoo!) (and then i had to reply to messages asking how many exams i passed and generally felt like a schmuck.) but from here on out there will be no mention of qualifying exams on this blog. i'm sure you're all very relieved.

moving on.

i am taking a pottery class with my mom on tuesday mornings. i missed the first class because of certain things things that i said i wouldn't mention and didn't realize how soon i'd find a reason to go against my word, but went to last week's class and finally made myself a cookie jar. though super excited with it, i wasn't expecting to finish the whole thing in one class, and now am unsure how to fill up all the other classes. i plan on making the ice cream sandwich box that was posted in the comments on my original cookie jar post, but i doubt that will take very long either. so now i'm faced with the partly exciting and partly overwhelming task with deciding what else i want to make. the other people in the class are like, real potters and have been doing it for years so maybe i'll just copy one of them.

i also started revising my 2011 nanovel. because i don't know how to revise, i was looking at different techniques. one person said to read through the story and write down a sentence about each scene. then you go through the sentences and see which scenes are not needed and what you need to add in for whatever reason. so that's what i'm doing right now. it's kind of exciting.

completely random, but i was looking at songs that were cut out of disney movies this morning and thought i'd share them. a couple of days ago i was also very amused by a site that will translate things into the slang that adds -izzle to everything. my blog translated can be read here. you can translate websites, read the news, or a bunch of other things.

*Miss Atomic Bomb - The Killers


  1. anonymous hippopotamusJanuary 20, 2013 at 3:04 PM

    so excited for you!! see? you're totally phD material! only someone really smart and phD worthy would pass all 4 qual exams their first try...mashallah mashallah! now i'm going to be cool by excited :P haha

    :( i freaking miss you soo much...and I didn't tell you this but that time I called you to tell you to sign onto skype...i nearly cried. i miss calling you for random stupid things. :'( yesterday hish had off so we spent the entire day out of the house...from 6 am until 5 pm..possibly 6. and it made me SOOOO happy...its pathetic. all we did was buy things for the house and shoes for the boys.

    lool i wrote a blog post for a comment :D

    1. getting out of the house after being trapped in it is always fun. but i heard 3amma muneera was coming to visit you, so... that should be... um... fun. at least it's a change of pace and stuff. and you're house will be really clean because if it isn't then she'll yell at you.

  2. anonymous hippopotamusJanuary 20, 2013 at 4:02 PM

    The Aladdin song reminds me of Scar singing be prepared...not because the songs are similar...just cuz i dunno..two bad guys having their moment. lol and i think the movie did fine without that song...i feel like the song makes him seem less evil and more stupid.

    the mulan song was ok...doesn't seem like a disney song...and i was never a huge fan of mulan so i dont really have much of an opinion.

    i remember loving hercules but its such a forgettable movie. the song was nice though...i kinda wish they kept it in the movie. kinda cuz those vase singers annoyed me a little bit. at the same time though..its kinda waaaaay too slow for a kids movie!

    lion king was weird! it sounded like scar :S and as it goes on it gets weirder. weird weird song!

    i wish they kept the mom in aladdin. i'd like to see what the movie would have been like with her. and the song is sweet :D but it would have been a TOTALLY different aladdin.

    nothing to say about the ariel it. and it was in the movie so whatever.

    same for the be prepared song..

    i got bored and didn't listen to the last three songs. :/ later maybe

    1. to be honest, i didn't make it through all of the songs either lol. but i plan to go back to them.

  3. i'd like to take an art class too, but i feel like i'd hate anything i love if i have to study it. it happened to me freshman year of college, i was in a 18th century british novels class and i dropped out bc i was starting to loathe jane austen.

    1. well we don't actually study much in this class. it's more of everyone just doing their own thing and then if you need help or ideas or anything the teacher is there. i think he was super excited to see me because since everyone else is so experienced he really has nothing to do. and then i come along with all of the experience of a high schooler and he suddenly has a purpose again.