Thursday, January 24, 2013

you think you're better but we're gonna shut you up 'cause nobody likes you

yesterday i had my first class from my last real semester of classes. with it being a class on mac forensics and with me being 97% windows, it's probably going to end up being a crazy amount of work (and super helpful, but i'll save the good things about it for when it's done and i'm looking back). 

there's this one guy in the class who has been working in the field forever and is in love with all things mac and does not miss a moment to show how much he knows. he's that obnoxious kid who will agree with everything the teacher says before he even finishes saying it, and then tries to hurry the lecture along with those "yes, yes i know" comments. and i really want to punch him in the face because most of the rest of us don't know, and it's really annoying. plus, if you know so much about the class already then don't bother taking it or sit in the back and spend the time on facebook so the rest of us can actually learn things without your constant interruptions.  

it's kind of weird to think that in about four months i won't be able to complain about students in my classes. that's been quite a big part of this blog from the beginning. plus, i've been a student for pretty much my entire life, and though i'll still technically be considered one after this semester, not having classes to attend will just be really weird. 

in other news, the kindle version of please listen is now available here. for the next 90 days it is exclusively kindle compatible, but after that i may add other ebook formats. if you have a kindle and also have a prime  account with amazon, then you can borrow the book from the lending library and basically read it for free. and then if you like it maybe you could recommend it to others?

*Nobody Likes You - Screeching Weasel


  1. when he says yes yes I the annoying question asker and lengthen that part of the lecture. or just call him out and tell him great that you know but the rest of came to this class to learn something

    1. i should. i guess i'll see how he acts next class. maybe now that he's made sure we all know that he knows everything, he'll calm down a bit.