Wednesday, March 6, 2013

i just don't understand

i love snow. i do. i think that there is no point to winter without a good covering of white. i like how snow looks, i like the crunch of it being compressed under my shoes, i like throwing snowballs and sledding and the bite in the air when it snows. i love the smell of snow. the rare times that we get crazy amounts of snow and are snowed in make me ecstatic.

but today, i do not want snow. i wish this snow had come on saturday. or any time next week. or last week. or the week before or after. but not today.

today i have a midterm, and it is a test that you can't really study for because there is really not much to study besides everything ever written online about macs ever, and that is impossible. but the professor said it wouldn't be hard so i was trying my best not to stress about it. and doing a very fine job at that, too. but now we have snow and school is cancelled so my midterm is cancelled and it is pushed to after spring break which means the week of me sitting around doing nothing is now the week of me sitting around doing nothing and trying not to worry about my midterm. and i just wanted to finish all of my midterms before spring break so that i would only have my independent study to think about. and now that is ruined. thanks a lot, snow.

speaking of snow, why is it that whenever a major storm is threatening to hit, people run out and buy milk? i mean, i get the rest of the groceries, but milk? you know what happens when there's a really bad storm? electricity tends to move on to somewhere less stormy. and milk goes bad without electricity. fast. and very disgustingly. i mean, i can barely tolerate keeping milk on the counter for the three seconds it takes to make chocolate milk. in fact, sometimes i pour the milk in the fridge and then gulp down my chocolate milk as fast as possible because ew unrefrigerated milk turns sour. and i know i am beyond extreme, but i do not understand why you would buy something that gets so gross without electricity the minute people tell you something is going to happen that may leave you electricityless. i mean, can you not go a few days without milk? really?

*I Just Don't Understand - The Beatles



    unlike you though, i prefer as much time as possible to study and do not mind my spring break wasted on virology. it's not like i have a life or anything of importance to do anyways!

    1. yay!

      if i had something to study, then i probably wouldn't mind as much, but we have no class slides, no class book, and he kinda just rambles on in class about macs. unless he's going to test us on how to change the brightness/number of recent documents shown on a mac then i have no class notes either. so it's like, just there. something to worry about that i can't do anything about. i would have rather gotten it out of the way.

  2. anonymous hippopotamusMarch 9, 2013 at 2:06 PM

    ok...i need to know why we are so weird about milk. I'm pretty bad, i freak out if a drop gets on my hand...but not as bad as you to feel like i need to pour it in the fridge. although i don't drink it at all sooo maybe that makes me worse. :S why are we like this?

    1. i dunno, maybe cause sour milk is really gross and unrefrigerated milk goes sour? i'm weird, though, because with chocolate milk i truly believe that i have thirty seconds before it goes bad. milk in cereal (only granola and honey bunches of oats) gets seven minutes before it goes sour and i can no longer drink it. milk to make cookies has to be taken out of the fridge right when you are going to pour it and not a second earlier, but once it's mixed with the rest of the ingredients it is no longer in danger.