Friday, May 10, 2013

well, i'm ready

i spent all day yesterday holed up in a campus library study group with a study partner (at times we were a trio), a bag of krispy kreme crullers, and my beauty and the beast lunchbox thermos filled with black tea with mint. and by all day i mean from ten in the morning to eight:thirty when we had to call it a night because our brains were so exhausted that they could barely remember how to walk to our cars. don't even ask how i drove home because my body went on auto-pilot and i do not remember. if i do not get the highest of all a's in tonight's final, well... let's just say that you should probably prepare yourself for some angry grade ranting. (which you may get anyway for the final i had on wednesday that i got an 82 on. an 82! and my grade may or may not have dropped to a b because of it. the last time i got a b was my second year of undergrad. if this is not some kind of mistake (i got hundreds on all four assignments and an a on the midterm. so not fair) then i will be here ranting about what i just told you.) admittedly, the last time i studied really hard for anything (remember the security qualifying exam that i swore never to speak of again? yeah, that.), i ended up having to leave three fifths of the test completely blank because i did not even know enough to bs some answers. that was fun. yes, i passed it, but still. not the best experience of my life.

but back to this test. i was really not planning to study this much for it, but then one thing led to another and now i have far too much invested in a final. i will no longer be content with any a for this grade. if there is a minus someone will die. if there is no plus, someone will have to deal with an hour long rant. things just got serious.

on a different note, more jane austen goodies came in the mail last night from my grandma. (it's always fun when packages come from someone who is now fifteen minutes away from you.) there is a jane austen quote necklacce thing which is pretty, and the jane austen handbook: proper life skills for regency england. i am excited for when i actually have time to read through this. there are sections on how to ride sidesaddle and what to wear for morning dress, evening dress, and undergarments. i will also learn how to pay a morning call and how to avoid dancing with an undesirable partner at a ball. i'll let you know what i learn.

*So Much - The Spill Canvas


  1. anonymous hippopotamusMay 11, 2013 at 1:53 PM

    I'm sorry, but I hate you. I hate how you are freaking everyones favorite! UGH GOD I HATE YOU!

    *SIGH* Ok i feel better now.

    1. hey, this was my birthday present and payment for the scarves that she bought from me to give her friends. plus, maybe if you were a more pleasant person people would like you more :P.

  2. anonymous hippopotamusMay 12, 2013 at 12:25 PM

    :O :O I am a very accommodating, considerate, and pleasant person!

  3. i remember the days when an 82 was a bad grade. i got a 55 on my parasitology... the average was 50. i celebrated.

    and that's a 55/100.

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