Thursday, May 2, 2013

what did you do today? i did nothing

so my to-do list for today included things like "finally clean the freaking apartment because it's getting gross" and "finish the stupid schoolwork that i've been putting off" and "start washing the mountain of laundry in the bedroom because i need clean clothes." but my sister called and invited me to lunch with a friend at eleven and then we hung out pretty much all day because, well, sister or cleaning? not a difficult decision. i did take a shower, though, and finally got around to checking out the library by my apartment (which i fell in love with) so i mean, i'm writing it off as a pretty productive afternoon.

now that i am on my own again, the responsible thing for me to do would be to finish the last project i have for this semester and then at least do some preliminary cleaning so that tomorrow i can study for my quiz without feeling like the mess is going to attack me, but i finally have the fifth book of the mortal instruments series and i think i should finish it because commitment and stuff. also, however many years ago 1998 was today, the Battle of Hogwarts happened and Voldemort was killed and not in some deserted area but in the middle of the Great Hall and he didn't turn into ash and fly away because that was just awkward and stupid and people getting too excited with their CGI nonsense when someone should have told them to stop it already, and the end of evil should definitely be celebrated by blog posts and run-on sentences because why not? we should also be sad that remus died because he was pretty awesome. also, he was a werewolf, and i've kind of always had a thing for werewolves. and in this story that my friend and i wrote in high school, i ended up married to remus so we're pretty much family and you should mourn the death of family.

also, i really do not want to do any schoolwork. i am ready for this semester to be over. this semester should be over. can we just call it summer break  already?

*Never Miss a Beat - Keiser Cheifs


  1. anonymous hippopotamusMay 3, 2013 at 2:31 AM

    haha in your face!!! I finished all my laundry this week, and yesterday (Thursday) I had my house cleaned, and I got an email from Mason replying to my question informing me that most likely all my GenEd credits can be re-used if I decided to start studying again. so that's awesome!

    aaaand what library are you talking about??

    1. "had my house cleaned." yeah see if i had someone come clean my house it would be clean, too. i need to do it before tutoring on saturday though so at least the cleaning will be finished.

      and yay about mason. you thinking of doing it through them? daddy was saying that you should go back to school in riyadh so you get money.

      and the library that's right next to the cvs/safeway on main street.

  2. anonymous hippopotamusMay 4, 2013 at 12:13 PM

    that's not next to your house! you're talking about the one near mason?!
    yes thinking of doing it through them since it would be less hassle i think. and i dunno if anything would transfer to a school here in riyadh and i do not want to start from scratch.

    and you know how i have my house cleaned. first i clean it then have them clean it. pick up toys from everywhere, and i do mean EVERYWHERE, organize them, do laundry, fold and put away laundry, wash dishes, put away dishes, clear off counters, clear off floors. all they do is clean the bathrooms, vaccuum, and disinfect surfaces.