Monday, May 20, 2013

you're losing your touch

[one] my faith in the publishing world has begun to fade a bit. are inconsistencies the new thing? do editors actively try to leave in as many of them as possible to make sure the reader is paying attention and/or to annoy the reader to death? does the author add them in at the end, a finishing touch like the chef's parsley on a plate? to be honest, i think i prefer those scenarios to the more likely truth that they are just not getting the editing attention that they need or the editors/authors are not giving each book their all. it bugs me a bit to think that i'm supposed to invest my time and money (most of the time) in something that they didn't care enough about to fix. and then there is the possibility that i have just become the pickiest of all readers lately. i'm starting to think that i may be more suited for the role of editor than the role of author.

[two] a couple of years ago, my youngest brother got very into dragons. (sidenote: while reading over this i somehow read that he got very into drugs and had a "wait! what?" moment) an interest i fully supported, having had my own obsession with them during my childhood and still liking them quite a bit. the interest has only grown, and the other day my grandma bought him an encyclopedia of dragons. it had information on different breeds and their locations, why some of them died out, how long it takes an egg to hatch, the skeletal/digestive/circulatory systems of dragons, etc. as he was excitedly going through the book, making excited comments like "did you know that a dragon can spot treasure from 60,000 feet away? wow!" my sister and i started making whispered comments to each other like, "wait... does he think dragons are real?" later, my grandmother told us that she was wondering the same thing. i mean, the way he talks about them, it really seems like he believes in them, and none of us want to ask him because if he does, well, we're a family that doesn't like to squash the imagination. maybe he thinks that they're like the dinosaurs, real but extinct. either way, you can't prove a negative so for all we know, they might be. 

[three] i was listening to the radio yesterday and some guy was talking about mosquitoes and said that mosquitoes are attracted to dirty socks. basically, the dirtier your socks are, the more likely you are going to be bitten. i'm not sure how much i believe that, but instead of double-checking and getting my facts straight, i'm just going to share it as a piece of interesting and disgusting news. 

*The Diver - Stellastar*


  1. anonymous hippopotamusMay 21, 2013 at 10:09 AM

    That actually makes sense...since mosquitoes are probably attracted to your sweat...dirty socks would have more sweat and therefore attract more mosquitoes.

    the dragon story made me remember how i did not realize history was well history, and coming home telling mommy and daddy that california just became a state, and feeling so proud. :D

    1. gross.

      i don't think that's the same at all. i think you're just stupid. :P

  2. i read the drugs thing too.
    and editors annoy me too bc a lot of these new stories coming up are just plagiarism. like, eragon copying lotr. btw you think stephanie meyer is obsessed with her characters, this eragon author is obsessed with eragon's brother, roran too much.

    1. i really need to reread eragon and finish the series. whenever someone mentions it i get this almost guilty feeling of incompleteness, like i didn't do something that i was supposed to do. i remember really liking eragon's brother. at least i think it was his brother... this is why i need to reread it.

      i sometimes get uncomfortable reading an author that is in love with his/her characters. the real obvious ones are usually too ridiculous, but the subtle ones make me feel like i'm a peeping tom and spying on something intimate i shouldn't be seeing.

  3. anonymous hippopotamusMay 24, 2013 at 5:44 AM

    looool i am not stupid!

    also...this title would also be a good title for your blog :P :P :P