Friday, January 9, 2015

shortly after finishing that last post, darcy jumped up and his ears started moving around like antennae. and then a second later i heard a great gushing sound through the walls. like an ocean had opened up in my living room. my first thought was, of course, oh crap a pipe burst. but i ran upstairs and nothing seemed to be leaking. the noise was even quieter up there. so i ran down to the garage/front door area (down too many stairs. the joys of living in a stacked townhome), and looked in the garage. nothing. then i glanced out of my peephole and felt like my house was transported to the back of niagra falls. i always kind of wished i could stand behind the wall of water at a waterfall, and now i can say that i have. sort of. (and then i did something stupid and opened my door to try and see where the water was coming from. it only took a second of water coming inside for me to realize how stupid of an idea that was.)

anyway, long story short, the pipe for the fire sprinkler system outside froze and broke in the cold weather and there was so. much. water. coming down. both ours and our neighbors' welcome mats were washed into the street down the new river that formed surprisingly fast. then the firemen came and almost broke down my door because i didn't immediately apparate down the two flights of steps when they knocked. and now the nauseating smell of sulphur (you know the one, that smell of running through sprinklers or playing with the hose when you were little) that was confined to the front door area has floated up to our living areas (gross) and i was told that there would be a weird guy in a car basically parked outside of our house for the next few days like a brazen, creepy stalker until the fire sprinkler system (which i have always hated and now have a reason to) is back up because our house was put on fire alert watch or something.



  1. anonymous hippopotamusJanuary 12, 2015 at 12:22 AM

    Yay for waterfalls!!

    1. after reading your comment i can't stop singing "don't go chasing waterfalls" and i probably should have made that the title of the post. and i;m all for waterfalls, just not right in front of my door with the risk of flooding my house.