Monday, January 5, 2015

people keep talking about this whole new year thing, and so i figure that it's important enough to warrant a blog post, but really, i have very little to say about it. most years on this blog enter and leave with pretty much zero fanfare or even recognition, and i was perfectly content to let this year come in the same way. i mean, birthdays were always the "new year" to me filled with resolutions and reflections. january first was just, well, january first.

i'm not sure when my complete lack of interest in new years started, but i am going to attribute it to the first year that we were old enough to stay up to watch the ball drop, and it was the most anticlimactic experience of my life. i felt cheated and lied to and was filled with regret that we hadn't spent those precious four hours when were should have been asleep watching cartoons. plus, my family was just never big on it. so these days i just let it pass by and basically ignore it and everyone's attempts to make it into a thing.

but then i went on goodreads and saw that i had failed my book challenge for the year (i think. they don't count rereads and that's pretty much all i did this year. i'll have to recheck.) and i remembered that last year i did a book post and was shocked to realize that an entire year has passed since then. and then i came on here to write a book post and saw that "write one million words" tracker and thought, great, another failed challenge.

i will update the tracker and compile my list of read books this week and then put twenty-fourteen firmly behind me as one of the weirdest years of my life. i failed almost every goal i set for myself at the beginning of the year, but i also checked off some big milestones in that checklist of life thing, so... success?

fifteen is my favorite number, so maybe i will get superstitious all of a sudden and believe that that means there are good things in store for me. it will (hopefully. if everything goes right) be one of those defining years that will separate my life into before-kids and after-kids which is weird to think about. time is flying.

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