Monday, December 29, 2014

there are less than eleven weeks left until my estimated due date. eleven weeks. that's like... nothing. i haven't started to really freak out yet, though, mainly because there have been other things going on. i went up to CT with my husband and parents and then my grandma came down to see the rest of my siblings, and i have been trying to balance my time between my husband (who is on vacation through the end of this week), my brothers (who are on vacation through the end of this week), my grandma (who is staying for a few more days), my house (which is a never-ending to-do list goodness gracious. it's like a freaking hydra, every time we cross something off three more things appear), and myself (which at the moment is just crafting because there is no time for other stuff).

i got out of my ob appointment last week seriously depressed because, while i had figured that i had gotten my weight gain under control (because i had), she was very, very serious about the fact that i had already gained way too much weight and i needed to stop eating immediately. of course, she was counting from a weight that i'm pretty sure i haven't seen on the scale since early high school, but when told of this information, she informed me that that is my "ideal weight" and what i should be counting from. which added an extra ten pounds, at least, to my total weight gain. do you know what does not make a hormonal pregnant lady happy? being told that she's fat. and i have this really obsessive personality (in an extremely unhealthy way) which can be helpful because it is what allowed me to lose all the weight i lost last year and finish projects (mostly craft related) in no time at all and which will help me lose all the weight after cricket decides to join us, but that is seriously not healthy for me right now. i have, through an extreme feat of willpower, decided to ignore my ob. i am trying to incorporate more exercise into my routine and limit the snacks a bit, but other than that i am just going to not worry about it. que sera, sera. anyway, it's getting harder to see my bathroom scale around my stomach and it's only a matter of time before i won't be able to see any weight to worry about. (fun fact; i was doing a prenatal yoga dvd and the lady told us to do three squats. three. before i got pregnant and lazy i had a morning routine that included almost one hundred squats and could do it like a champ. i almost died after these three squats. it was pathetic.)

i now have que sera, sera stuck in my head. i will be singing this forever. and my husband just woke up so we are off to breakfast and watching the hobbit. i hope all of your winter holidays/vacations/boring ordinary days have been/are splendid. 


  1. anonymous hippopotamusDecember 31, 2014 at 1:53 PM

    :'( I wish I had less than 11 weeks!!! I'm so tired of feeling nauseous and throwing up. I literally had one meal today just to avoid feeling nauseous and sick. It worked...I mean I was really hungry...but I didn't feel like throwing up. Probably not the healthiest strategy but at this point I don't care.

    And that's so strange that they are so strict about your doctors never said anything to me....and I remember being HUGE! I felt like a freaking whale.

    1. i remember you with hamza, and you didn't actually get big until the end. i mean, i understand the risks of gaining too much weight, and i go through phases of being really good about it, but then everyone around me starts going crazy and doing the whole, "don't worry about it, you're pregnant!" and i am not too hard to convince.