Friday, September 14, 2012

what am i supposed to do

my professor has this three question test thing that he believes determines whether or not you're making the right choice about choosing computer forensics. according to him, this is a profession that you have to really love or you won't be able to stand it because of all the things you see/hear on the job. the first question dealt with curiosity/voyeurism. if you don't like intimately knowing strangers by going through their computers and basically drowning in their life, then this job isn't for you. his methods of knowing this was if you look into people's windows at night and if you listen to people's conversations on the street. the second question dealt with liking the investigative process. this was determined by what you watch on tv. if you like all the cop/lawyer shows, then you're good. the third question showed if you love it or not based on what you do and learn about in your free time. he determined this by asking what magazines you subscribed to.

the first two were easy. i mean, following blogs is a type of voyeurism in my opinion, and marathons of law and order svu, cold case, criminal minds, etc are my idea of a good time. and then third question hit. the magazines i subscribe to are things like writer's digest. when i have a few extra minutes on the computer i go to agents' and authors' sites. i would rather read about the latest books that are hitting the market than the latest technology. i'm not exactly sure what this means, but i hope having the right answer for the first two is enough to get me through. 

or i could just quit now and try to be a writer. who knows, maybe the desperation resulting from having nothing to fall back on is just what i need to suddenly write the next great american novel. on a related note, it's almost nanowrimo time again, and i am excited. 

*Breakeven - The Script


  1. anonymous hippopotamusSeptember 30, 2012 at 8:48 AM

    i think 2 outta 3 should be good enough. I mean if its good enough to win rock paper scissors then its good enough to choose a life path :P hehe

    and yaaay nanowrimo...i never got to read your book from the last nanowrimo. :/

  2. yeah i don't think anyone read my last nanonovel. or the one before that. of course, i never actually got to the end of the novel before that so that may be the reason.