Wednesday, December 12, 2012

on a day like today

as you are all probably already aware (if facebook statuses are any indication of what the majority of the world is aware of) today, 12/12/12, is the last repeating date that we will see for a while. (no, it is not the last repeating date ever, as some people keep insisting. i mean, okay, maybe it's the last one that we'll personally see, but another one will come around eventually. unless the world ends before that, of course.) and while i have a friend that is getting married today which is pretty awesome, i do not think that the day needs to be filled with anything truly spectacular just for the sake of commemorating it. i'll be spending the day studying for a final and making donuts. nothing special.

i have been getting emails about the qual exams that are coming up in less than a month, and that is starting to freak me out a bit. i try to remind myself that they are just tests, and - not to brag or anything, but - i'm pretty good at test taking. i try to tell myself that i'll be fine, but then i get panicky emails saying that we should all meet up every single day to try and learn things and my stomach drops down to make friends with my feet, and i wonder if i'm taking these a little too nonchalantly.

anyway, while going through my drafts yesterday in an attempt to find a note that i know i saved in them (i didn't find it, but with close to two hundred drafts i'm still sure that it's in there somewhere) i found a lot of my writing that i had almost completely forgotten about. a lot of it is the start of pieces that i was supposed to go back and finish but never did. some are the bare bones of things that i never went back to flesh out. and then there are the random thoughts that were supposed to inspire pieces and never did. since the ideas were never actually given life, though, i still find myself writing and rewriting them into other failed pieces, sometimes without even realizing that they are so overused. so i decided to just post them all and get them out of my system. since i'm pretty preoccupied with school and bunnies and family and whatnot, and haven't been blogging regularly anyway, i thought this was a perfect time. plus, hopefully i'll get them all posted by the end of the month, and then i can start fresh next year.

so starting tomorrow i will be bringing drafts back to life. some of them i like and some i don't, but they'll all get a chance. so bear with me as i go through this winter cleaning please.

*On a Day Like Today - Keane


  1. anonymous hippopotamusDecember 12, 2012 at 3:16 PM

    thats why i just ramble and ramble and then click publish. loool i don't have any drafts except what i've drafted to keep it private. i just throw up on the screen and publish. makes sense...doesn't make sense i dont long as i feel a teeny tiny bit better after getting the feelings out i'm good. :D

  2. i started out with only a couple drafts that i wanted to keep private. and then i started to use blogger as my memo book thing, and then i started to get bored halfway through a post, and then i started to draft things that i couldn't find a title for... and now i have close to two hundred drafts.

  3. :D Yey for drafts resurfacing from the graveyard of lost words

  4. "the graveyard of lost words" is awesome. i wish i'd thought of that lol.