Monday, December 31, 2012

i'll admit that i was glad it was over

today is the last day of this year, and i was originally thinking of putting together one of those big compilation posts of all the big moments of twenty-twelve, but i just really don't have the time or motivation for that anymore. and anyway, this year kind of sucked. i mean, yes, there were a bunch of really great things that happened, but yesterday just reminded me of all the ways that this was perhaps one of the worst years so far, and you know what? i'm glad it's over. i'm not one to celebrate new year's, as i've mentioned on this blog a few times before, and though i don't really think that every new year gives you a fresh start and a clean slate, i kind of wish it did. i think we could all use a do-over.

but next year is going to be awesome i've decided. for me, at least. (that sounds a lot more selfish than i intend it to.) the first day of this year i said i was going to do something productive or get into the phd program. obviously i went down the second route. and though thoughts of dropping out have, at least for the moment, been shelved, i will still do something productive this year. phd or no phd. i have finally gotten sick of my aimless existence, and though my idea of doing something with my life may be completely different from the average idea, i will still do it. whatever it turns out to be. 

i've always felt new year resolutions to be kind of stupid, so i'm not going to post a bunch on here, but i have ideas of things to do with the year, and if i get a couple of them done, i will be a very happy camper. if resolutions are your thing, good luck with them. if you like to stay up and welcome in the new year with confetti and balloons, then have fun with that. as for me, i'll probably be asleep, but i will be just as happy for the clock to strike midnight and end this year as the rest of you. 

*Somebody that I Used to Know -Gotye


  1. anonymous hippopotamusJanuary 4, 2013 at 10:19 PM

    i commented something here too...but its too freaking early for me to remember it and I only commented on this post it's harder to remember.

    happy new year? and 2013 sounds so dumb...2012 was awesomer. twenty twelve...just flows much better than twenty thirteen. yuck!

    i want to sleep...i went to bed 1:10 am and woke up 5:30...and that is not including the time I actually fell asleep after going to bed at 1:10.
    I want to shoot myself in the head!

  2. anonymous hippopotamusJanuary 4, 2013 at 10:19 PM

    so tiiiiirrrrreeeedddd!!!!