Saturday, October 25, 2014

i'm halfway in

according to my pregnancy app, today marks the halfway point in my pregnancy. and can you believe that? because i cannot. i am already halfway done being pregnant, and i don't really feel like i was ever pregnant at all? (according to the ultrasound technician yesterday, though, my due date may actually be three days earlier than what was originally predicted which not only means that i have already maybe passed the halfway point in my pregnancy completely unknowingly, but also that my "new" due date is my nephew's birthday. i mean, march thirteenth was close to both my nephew and my husband, but close was okay. close wasn't on their birthday. and i kinda of grew to like three-thirteen. it's a nice number. so for all intents and purposes, i am sticking with my original due date. and yes i know that this is all a bunch of guesswork anyway and most babies are not even born on their predicted due date and saying that the due date is one day will not automatically make it that day and i do not care.)

but anyway, halfway point. my app tells me that there are one hundred and thirty nine days to go, which i guess must mean that i have been pregnant for one hundred and thirty nine days, and seriously, how did that happen? i thankfully have had a really easy pregnancy up to this point, which i am so grateful for, but i kind of wish that half of the pregnancy did not slip away practically unnoticed. i mean, i'm told i'm supposed to cherish this time or something. (i'm also told that it goes by really fast, but this fast? maybe once i get into my third trimester and start getting really big and pregnant i'll eat these words.)

but on to other news. yesterday started my twentieth week, and week twenty is when my doctor schedules the anatomy ultrasound. so yesterday, along with seeing grainy grey-scale pictures of spines and hearts and arms and legs and finding out that the baby weighs approximately 13 oz at the moment, i was able to find out the sex of the baby. (and by "i" i obviously mean "we" because my husband was there, too.) and we are having a... drum roll please... boy!

(the general consensus of those polled seems to be that everyone was kind of expecting a boy but still kind of hoping for a girl and we are all extremely happy about the whole boy thing and that he is healthy and growing normally and has all his limbs and organs and other weird acronyms that the technician was saying and i was promptly forgetting the names of.)

this also means that our name list has been significantly shortened and thank god for that. we had, early on, narrowed the boy names down to the top three, which had changed a bit in the beginning, but was a pretty stable list for the past couple of months. girl names were the ones giving us issues. so now i can take a deep breath and say, yeah we have our shortlist of names. and three names is few enough that i feel i can wait and see which one the baby looks like before actually choosing.

*Halfway Gone - Lifehouse


  1. anonymous hippopotamusOctober 26, 2014 at 3:00 AM

    Excitement!! Hamza will be thrilled :D

  2. yayyyyyyyy, a boy!!
    Although i have always imagined you with all girls for some reason?

    1. to be honest, so have i (and apparently everyone else who knows me). but boys are fun, too.