Friday, October 10, 2014

so for some really strange and really stupid reason, my brain thinks that youtube is more productive than blogging. or maybe that blogging is a bigger way to procrastinate than youtube. or maybe it's just lazy and is using productivity and procrastination as excuses because i do it so often. whatever the reason, i've been telling myself that i want to blog since early this afternoon and just could not get myself to actually do it. (i did manage to get everything graded that needed to be, so... yay me for that.)

anyway, i totally felt the baby move today which is incredible and everything, but also really weird and creepy. i mean, there is a miniature human being just sitting inside of me moving. and i can feel it. super weird. i remember when my older sister was pregnant with her first son and she said that she could feel him scratching her. (not like in an ow this hurts but in an i can feel fingers moving along my insides.). and just whaaaaaat. that has haunted me for the past six years. whenever i thought of pregnancy i would think tiny fingers scratching me from the inside and um NOPE. but this wasn't a scratching or even a real kick or punch or anything (apparently it's still early for that?) and i was fully able to appreciate the amazingness of it right along with the weird.


  1. i was hoping you would mention a moving baby.

    1. it was by far the coolest and strangest thing i have ever experienced in my life. my sister's reaction, though, "wait until you can actually see elbows and knees" kinda freaked me out though lol.