Sunday, October 30, 2011

i'll play guitar and knit and cook and basically just wonder when will my life begin?

so yesterday i went to get my hair cut, and i almost had a heart attack. with every clip of the scissors breathing became more and more difficult. i usually just take a few inches off the bottom, but yesterday i cut off an entire foot (possibly more?). i mean, it's still technically "long" in the sense of the word that any hair under the shoulder blades is long, but it feels so short. last night i was braiding it and half of my braid was missing. i don't know how people can cut their hair short.

also, yesterday we had snow. in october. it was weird. and today it is sunny. the weather is obviously on crack. but i got to wear my koala hat and an old man complimented me on it. you can guess how cool i felt.

on another note, i didn't want to be reading a book when nanowrimo started because i've noticed that my mind tends to unintentionally transfer stuff from the story i'm reading to the story i'm writing. not plagiarism or anything, but i was reading the help the other day and all my characters stared to talk with a southern twang they didnt have a week before. plus, it's harder to write crap when you're reading something that is not crap. very discouraging. so anyway, after i finished my last book i didn't pick up another and to fill the time i've been knitting. and washing dishes. and doing laundry. and baking. and i feel like rapunzel in the beginning of tangled. minus the book reading.

has anyone else noticed that october is taking a really long time to finish? usually september is the long month and october flies by. maybe only having one class this semester is messing with my [insert proper word here cause i can't think of it].

*When Will My Life Begin? - Mandy Moore


  1. anonymous hippopotamusOctober 31, 2011 at 9:10 PM

    omg! thats you in the video before the haircut! :P corny i know.

  2. haha you've been married to hisham too long.

  3. Dude, October really won't end. But it did. It took a long while though.

    I know what you mean about the hair. That's why I let my mom trim my ends. I have this overwhelming fear, and with good reason, that hair dressers prefer me bald. I don't know why they always chop off more than I ask, it comes off as an act of defiance, or maybe their deeply ingrained thirst for superiority comes to surface as soon as they have you tied up with that thing around your neck and with those scissors in their hands... I think I might have just had an epiphany.

  4. right? i was starting to think it was only taking forever for me.

    i always let my mom trim the ends, but this time she was like, "no go get it done professionally," and so i did. i think you may be right, because they never just leave long hair alone.

  5. anonymous hippopotamusNovember 1, 2011 at 2:16 PM

    umm said middle of your back! when your hair is to your butt middle of your back is a huuuuuge difference. :D

  6. whatever. it's above the middle of my back. she cut it to the middle when it was dry and then cut more when it was wet.