Thursday, October 13, 2011

you've got to get yourself together, you've got stuck in a moment, and now you can't get out of it

Procrastination is my soul mate. he's my lifelong companion, the one i can always count on. he snuck into my room one day when Responsibility first introduced herself to me, and i swore my life to him then. we make secret clubs, and he tells me jokes behind Responsibility's back. Being older, Responsibility feels that it's her job to keep us in line, but she can't say anything when, really, we're not doing anything wrong. the fact that we don't do things her way has always rubbed her the wrong way, and that's made it hard for the three of us to ever really become friends. but i've always respected her. it's hard not to.

Apathy and i go way back. i met her when she was still going by "i don't care" and my parents chose all my clothes. most people i knew back then didn't like her, she still hasn't grown on very many, but that's never bothered her. she really couldn't care less. we used to throw rocks at Motivation on the playground - not one of my proudest moments - and i don't think Motivation ever really got over it. she still stays clear of the two of us. Apathy and i have one of those friendships when we can sit for hours together and just do nothing, say nothing, and think nothing without the pressing need for action weighing down on us. we thought about doing something the other day, but we couldn't get excited enough about it.

a couple of weeks ago, Lethargy came over asking for a place to stay for a day or two. at first i thought it was my old friend Laziness just going through a hard time, but i was quick to realize my mistake. Laziness has a charm about him that Lethargy lacks, like the attraction of dishevelment, crooked smiles, and stubble. Lethargy has all the charm of a growing mold. He has not just taken over my couch, but my entire apartment. even the air seems infected with the listlessness the rest of us are feeling. i think it's time for Lethargy to move on, but i can't seem to muster the energy to kick him out.

i'm hoping that november will bring with it Insanity and Obsession. i met them a couple of years ago after deciding to take part in nanowrimo for the first time and they have a way about them that i'm sure will scare Lethargy off. or, at least i hope it will. if they can't help me then i may just have to go play nice with the good habits, and i've been alienating them lately. i'm not sure if they'll forgive me.

*Stuck in a Moment - U2


  1. anonymous hippopotamusOctober 13, 2011 at 10:30 PM

    in the words of omar "yay" lol i still haven't read the post just excited that theres a new one! :D

  2. anonymous hippopotamusOctober 13, 2011 at 10:36 PM

    omg i love is s awesome! like seriously...proof of your amazing writing skills.

    its SUCH a pointless post but soo amazing. :D memorable and makes you want to keep reading.

    so randomness i just remembered the boardwalk and stopping at one of the stalls (?) to buy calamari with grandpa. then going to watch the seals. :'( i miss those days! *sigh* growing up sucks

  3. thank you, but it is not a pointless post. the point is that i have suddenly found myself to be lethargic. i have been lazy and apathetic in the past, but this is an entirely new level. and aww i miss those days, too. growing up does suck.

  4. i love the lethargy paragraph. Laziness is my type of guy.

  5. thanks. i'm pretty partial to him myself.

  6. To paraphrase Jean-Paul Sarte, dreamers often confuse disenchantment with reality. I thought this was relevant, somewhere in the concept of this post, or my interpretation of it anyway. And yeah, I wouldn't say it was pointless, it's more Autobiographical- for me at least. I like this, I like it a lot.

  7. omg i love that. it's going straight into my evernote. and yeah, i'd say it was relevant too. and thanks for seeing the point and liking it. the egocentric part of me gets really happy when people like my stuff.

  8. i love this, all of it.