Wednesday, October 5, 2011

it's been a long day

today was a long day. a long, long day. today started at four when my body decided that it just wouldn't go back to sleep to avoid hitting snooze on my alarm one too many times. it also decided to spend the next hour and a half until my alarm actually went off and i got out of bed covering and uncovering myself because it couldn't decide if it was hot or cold. after leaving the house before the sun was even considering coming out for the day, i went over to my parents house to pick up my sister. together, along with my husband who was acting as driver before i could really wake up, we made our way over to the testing center to finally take our gre's. i thought i was unprepared last time because the only "studying" i did was to take an online practice test and a half. that was the last time i prepared for this test. add that to the fact that my brain was not fully functioning yet (while waiting for the building to open i was completely slaphappy. the radio played that no no no cat, and i was dying of laughter over it among other things) and i was pretty worried, though my mind didn't realize it at the time. thankfully, once i finally was able to sit in front of the computer and get the test started, my mind and body automatically went into test mode, a comfortable place for me. when i got my result range at the end, i was happy enough with it that i don't think i'm going to bother with a retest.

after the test my sister, husband, and i went out for a bagel breakfast. again. i swear that ever since my brother-in-law introduced us to this bagel place a few years ago a huge chunk of its profits has come from my sisters and i.

later in the day i went to my parents house and say with my mom, sister, and nephews. then my cousin and her husband and my dad came home. (did i mention that my cousin and her husband made a stop in DC to see us on their honeymoon? no? well, consider it mentioned.) that meant pretending i wasn't tired and being my semi-fake version of me that i use with some of my cousins that i am not particularly close to. the overly laughing and smiling and polite version. once my brothers came home we went out to olive garden. when we got home i helped my brothers with their homework, did a bit of reading with them, and then sat on the couch and alternated between reading my book and watching criminal minds with my parents.

i left my parents' house at ten, got home, couldn't find my computer and searched the apartment for it until finally finding it between the couch cushions. and here i am, blogging this in the commercial breaks of top chef: just desserts. and i am tired and can't wait until my head hits my pillow.

oh, and steve jobs died today. you know, in case you didn't know. must have been a long-ish day for him too.

*Long Day - Matchbox 20 


  1. anonymous hippopotamusOctober 6, 2011 at 7:18 AM

    :O thats your post for steve jobs?! thats it a measly sentence?! i was expecting an entire log dedicated to billy mays. lol im not really upset.

    but you know..he died of pancreatic cancer just like 3mo m7md.

  2. i thought that i was more important, but i'll dedicate a post to him today. or tomorrow possibly if i don't write one today.

  3. Don't worry about posting for Steve Jobs... Apple sucks. A sentence is all he needs... I don't see anyone every talking about the soldiers who die for our countries.. They are far more important

  4. anonymous hippopotamusOctober 12, 2011 at 10:44 PM

    :O omygoodness! Hannah once again you shock me.. first glee now apple?! lol ok so the two aren't really comparable but still. Apple is amazing..yes it is over hyped and expensive but still in comparison to Windows it is much much better. Although I much prefer android phones to the iphone..computers though are much better when Apple.

  5. Hannah: haha it looks like i won't be posting anything for steve jobs after all. while i do recognize the impact he's had on our society, i'm really not an apple geek and i do think that his death was a bit over-recognized. people die every day, having millions of dollars shouldn't make your death any more important. plus, doing computer forensics has given me a little grudge against apple because it's so much harder to get anything of forensic value off an apple than a windows computer.

    anonymous hippopotamus: lol i think she mentioned something about not liking apple in an earlier post's comments, too. and i think apple users tend to be obnoxious. just putting that out there.