Saturday, December 10, 2011

last night she said

my final exam has been completed and submitted and i am officially done with all work related to my master's. i thought it fitting that the very last question on the exam was a monty python and the holy grail reference, since the movie has haunted my entire educational career since 2006.

anyway, yesterday i went to a dinner fundraiser thing, and i had forgotten how much fun the people there were, so that was fun. except for the part where this conversation cropped up:

me: could i have like half that amount of food?
her: but you have to eat for you and the baby.
me: um... what baby?
*awkward apologies and laughter and stuff*
her: (later) you really don't look pregnant at all, i swear. i just thought cause you got married...
*more awkwardness*

i'm still not sure if that was supposed to mean that i, like most of the people i know that have gotten married recently, should have gotten knocked up the second the ceremony was over. because, you know, my main purpose on this planet, besides cleaning, is obviously bearing and caring for children. or if it meant she thought i had a shotgun wedding, which is ridiculous if you know anything about islam. or if she meant something else entirely, that i just do not get. i'm betting on the first, though, based on what i know of arabs.

*Last Night - The Strokes


  1. anonymous hippopotamusDecember 10, 2011 at 11:19 AM

    ugggh!! something similar happened at muroa's wedding. i was saying hi to khadijah abdullah and her older sister and her older sister was like...oh and you're pregnant again. i wanted to cry!

    and yay on finishing your masters!!

  2. LOL!! We don't really get that here, but there ya go... You are neglecting your duties as a wife, clearly :p jks

  3. anonymous hippopotamus: i remember that. people suck. and thanks :).

    Hannah: haha yes, i will get on getting pregnant immediately.

  4. anonymous: anonymous, your comments are not showing up for some reason. i guess blogger got sick of you. can't say i blame it.

  5. anonymous hippopotamusDecember 17, 2011 at 10:10 PM

    aww soo no more ignorant broken english comments. :D

  6. anonymous, how exactly have i proven you wrong/shot myself in the foot?