Saturday, December 17, 2011

[one] so the other day someone said that i "write like thomas jefferson." granted, this person was a history buff that was in love with tj, but still. i don't really understand the comparison. i haven't written many historical documents lately (or ever) and i don't remember the last time i read anything by jefferson that was a confused list of images masquerading as talent (i mean that in the most affectionate way possible). was jefferson known for his writing? i mean, besides the things that are famous more because of their historical impact on the world than because they read pretty. i'm sure it was a compliment, but it's like when people tell me i write like (insert random author here) because it is the only author they know and think it will make me happy. thanks for the thought, but i don't really mind not writing like the greats. i'd rather you compare me with someone that makes sense. it was the first time i was compared to a founding father, though, in anything.

[two] when i watch the food channel and judges criticize people for having desserts that are "too sweet," i get so confused. i don't understand how a dessert can be too sweet. nothing is too sweet. i mean, unless you hand me a cheeseburger or a taco or something and i take a bite and get a sugar rush. but... dessert is supposed to be sweet. stop trying to be cool.

[three] facebook's new translate button is hilariously entertaining. the other day i just sat there translating my cousins' and friends' statuses and wall posts from arabic to english. some of them made perfect sense, but who cares about those?

[four] yesterday i found myself visiting all these old websites i used to frequent which led me to looking through old files and folders i have saved on my computer. not only did i find ample proof of what a complete dork i was, but i also found a book i had planned to self-publish and sell for charity a few years ago. it was basically just a collection of my prosetry and short stories, some of which have made it on the blog and some of which haven't, but i had completely forgotten about it. i have no idea what to do with it now, but a lot of the pieces were amusing to read through.

[five] for some reason, i cannot choose a title for this post. it will therefor remain title-less. 


  1. anonymous hippopotamusDecember 17, 2011 at 10:17 PM

    desserts can be too sweet. i agree with the judges. apparently tj was an amazing letter writer..the book i think you should go ahead and publish it. and what were the old websites?

    lastly...i love these type of posts :)

  2. 1 - Once upon a time, my African American Lit. professor gave us an anonymous piece of writing, which covered in spectacular detail how black people were inferior and had no intellect. We were supposed to guess the author. It was Thomas Jefferson. I was at least mildly surprised.

    4 - That Facebook timeline thing is about to drag the past right into the present and dump it right into everyone's laps!

  3. anonymous hippopotamus: i have to disagree. and i never wrote letters in school, so the comparison is still invalid. and i dunno bout the book. some of it is pretty laughable. lastly, thank you. *this type

    The Flea: 1. wow. i remember learning that he had slaves and stuff, but i didnt know he was that racist. so... i was being told that i write racistly?

    4. the timeline thing is so confusing. i'm not a fan of it at all. and it looks ridiculous and cluttered.

  4. 1. You were being told that you can write the Declaration of Independence. I believe the racist shtick was from a private library. Oh boy I want to find it now more than ever.

    4. Agreed. It is stupid. I hope we dont have to switch to it!

  5. It's compulsory from next week... I quite like my timeline, but it takes a few hours work to get it looking right. Have a gander at mine :D It looks great once you clear out some crap, feature the right things and add in life events. But until then, yes, it looks cluttered and crap

  6. anonymous hippopotamusDecember 19, 2011 at 10:22 PM

    :| not being rude...but thats what it looks like when its uncluttered?! :| :| :| :|

    I think this might be the one change that could actually make me leave facebook. way tmi and what is up with the two column thing?? what was wrong with just one wall? :S

    *sigh* guess i'll migrate to google+ at least its not cluttered.

  7. G+ isn't cluttered at all :p but I think its part of FB moving in a new direction. My friends who have it have some great timelines and browsing back through them is really... nice (for a writer, I can't think of a better word here). Brings up loads of memories and finding photos we never knew existed. I think that because we've been going through to fix them and add life events that it's sorta grown on us. It's the first FB change I like

  8. about timeline: i get how it could be fun to do, because i love looking through old pictures and stuff, but to be honest, i really don't use facebook as much as i used to once upon a time, and i don't think i have it in me to spend hours getting my timeline to look right. plus, it seems like it will be harder to facebook stalk people, whether that's a good or bad thing, i am still undecided. but i dunno. maybe i'll be rejected from the phd program and a bunch of jobs and need facebook timeline as a way to distract me from my misery. it could come in handy.

  9. It's not really harder... I don't think it makes much of a difference on the stalking side.

    It is fun looking at people's histories... some awful pics :p

  10. Your worries amuse me. I'm just hoping that I didn't once upon a time cyber-harass people/declare my undying love for Anne Hathaway and Hope Solo and/or join groups or post incriminating pictures... Well, actually, I could care less. I grew up. This might be fun!